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70 Quotes About Getting Rid Of Toxic People

Damien Thomas



Toxic People Quotes

Do you know any toxic people in your life? I hope that the following Toxic People Quotes will inspire you to avoid negative people from your life.

A toxic person could be someone in work, a ‘friend,’ a family member or even your partner.

Toxic people can be aggressive, manipulative, judgemental, demanding and even emotionally abusive. Toxic people can drive us into a very stressful state. We should try to avoid toxic people for the sake of our health and well-being.

Even though these toxic people are not good for you and they might be causing you pain, it can seem hard to let them go.

I hope that the following Toxic People Quotes will empower you to set the limits for acceptable behavior from the people around you. I also hope that these quotes will inspire you to avoid getting too close to people who don’t have your very best interests at heart.

I have put together for you theses toxic people quotes as a reminder that you always deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.


Toxic People Quotes

1. “It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around when you remove toxic people from your life.” — Robert Tew


2. The best way to move forward is to let go of the people holding you back.


Toxic People Quotes


3. “Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions, and bring out the best in you.” ― Roy Bennett


4. You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to be around.


Toxic People Quotes


5. “If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.” ― Michael Jordan


6. “People inspire you, or they drain you. Pick them wisely.” — Hans F. Hansen


Toxic People Quotes


7. “Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.” — Steve Maraboli


8. “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” ― Albert Einstein


Toxic People Quotes


9. “A lot of the happiness or unhappiness in your life is a result of the people you’re surrounding yourself with. So develop the courage to let go of toxic people.” — Karen Salmansohnn


Toxic Quotes

10. “Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out.” — Robert Tew


Toxic People Quotes


11. “Don’t associate yourself with toxic people. It’s better to be alone and love yourself than surrounded by people that make you hate yourself.” — Robin Williams


12. “Don’t expect to see positive changes in your life if you surround yourself with negative people.” Robert Tew



13. Learn from the toxic people in your life. They have shown you exactly who you do not want to be.


14. Avoiding certain people to protect your emotional health is not a weakness. It’s wisdom.


Toxic People Quotes


15. “Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it will take their breath away.” — Tony Gaskins


16. Don’t treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are.


Toxic People Quotes


17. “Every day you must unlearn the ways that hold you back. You must rid yourself of negativity, so you can learn to fly.” — Leon Brown


18. You can’t keep getting mad at people for sucking the life out of you if you keep giving them the straw.


Toxic People Quotes


19. “As you remove toxic people from your life, you free up space and emotional energy for positive, healthy relationships.” ― John Mark Green


Quotes About Toxic People

20. When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t.


Toxic People Quotes


21. “Letting go of toxic people in your life is a big step in loving yourself.” – Hussein Nishah


22. It’s your life. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for living it your way.


Toxic People Quotes


23. “Sometimes it’s better to end something and try to start something new than imprison yourself in hoping for the impossible.” — Karen Salmansohn


24. Surround yourself with people who talk about visions and ideas, not other people.


Toxic People Quotes


25. The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.


26. “It is necessary, and even vital, to set standards for your life and the people you allow in it.” – Mandy Hale


Toxic People Quotes


27. Until you let go of all the toxic people in your life you will never be able to grow into your fullest potential. Let them go so you can grow.


28. When the wrong people leave your life, the right things start to happen.


Toxic People Quotes


29. While you can’t control someone’s negative behavior, you can control how long you participate in it.


Getting Rid of Toxic People Quotes

30. The only way to win with a toxic person is not to play.


Toxic People Quotes


31. “Weeding out the harmful influences should become the norm not the exception.” ― Carlos Wallace


32. It’s so nice when toxic people stop talking to you. It’s like the trash took itself out.


Toxic People Quotes


33. Life is short. Don’t waste it with negative people who don’t appreciate you. Keep them in your heart but keep them out of your life.


34. You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang around with negative people.


Toxic People Quotes


35. “May you reach that level within, where you no longer allow your past or people with toxic intentions to negatively affect or condition you.” ― Lalah Delia


36. “Pay no attention to toxic words. What people say is often a reflection of themselves, not you.” – Christian Baloga


Toxic People Quotes


37. “I will not allow anyone to walk in my mind with their dirty feet.” – Mahatma Gandhi


38. When people treat you like you don’t care, believe them.


Toxic People Quotes


39. “Toxic people will pollute everything around them. Don’t hesitate. Fumigate.” ― Mandy Hale


Toxic Person Quotes

40. Sometimes you just have to be done. Not mad, not upset. Just done.


Toxic People Quotes


41. “Stay away from people who belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.”Mark Twain


42. Toxic people are like viruses. They infect your thoughts, destroy your happiness and limit your potential. – Unknown


Getting Rid of Toxic People Quotes


43. “You don’t have to tolerate toxic behavior just because someone is blood.” – Shannon L. Alder


44. Toxic people are everywhere, be cautious of those who bring negativity into your life. – Unknown


Quotes About Toxic People


45. Toxic people are masters of disguise, they will hide behind a mask of kindness and make you believe they care about you, until it’s too late. – Unknown


46. Toxic people will try to bring you down to their level, don’t let them. – Unknown


Getting Rid of Toxic People Quote


47. The longer you stay around toxic people, the more they will poison your mind and your life. – Unknown


48. The best way to deal with toxic people is to avoid them. – Unknown


Quotes About Toxic People


49. Toxic people will try to make you doubt yourself, but it’s important to trust your instincts. – Unknown


Quotes About Toxic People

50. The hardest part about letting go of toxic people is realizing that their toxic behavior was never about you. – Unknown


Quote About Toxic People


51. Toxic people will never take responsibility for their own actions, they will always blame others. – Unknown


52. Toxic people will try to bring you down, but remember, they have no power over you unless you give it to them. – Unknown


Getting Rid of Toxic People Quotes


53. Stay away from those who make you feel like you’re hard to love. – Unknown


54. A toxic person is like a black hole, they consume your energy and leave you feeling empty. – Unknown


Toxic Person Like a Black Hole Quote


55. “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” – Ernest Hemingway


56. “Some people are like toxic waste, dangerous to be near and damaging to the soul.” – Steve Maraboli


Steve Maraboli Toxic People Quote


57. Toxic people will try to control you, manipulate you and make you feel like you’re going crazy. – Unknown


58. The most toxic people are the ones who pretend to be something they’re not in order to manipulate you. – Unknown


Manipulative people Quote


59. The biggest challenge in life is to identify toxic people, especially when they are disguised as friends. – Unknown


Remove Toxic People Quotes

60. Toxic people will never change unless they want to, so don’t waste your time trying to fix them. – Unknown


Toxic people Never Change Quote


61. The most dangerous kind of toxic people are those who know how to hide their toxicity behind a mask of kindness. – Unknown


62. Toxic people are not worth your time, energy, or emotions. Don’t waste your life on them. – Unknown


Toxic People Are Not Worth Your Time


63. The biggest challenge in life is to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, not the worst. – Unknown


64. Toxic people will try to take advantage of your kindness, so learn to set boundaries. – Unknown


Set Boundaries For Toxic People


65. Toxic people will always try to make you feel guilty for standing up for yourself, don’t let them. – Unknown


66. Toxic people will always try to bring you down to their level, but remember that you are better than that. – Unknown


You Are better Than Toxic People Quote


67. Toxic people are like a heavy burden, they will weigh you down and hold you back from reaching your full potential. – Unknown


68. Toxic people will never apologize for their behavior, so don’t waste your time waiting for one. – Unknown


Toxic Person Quote


69. The only way to protect yourself from toxic people is to set strong boundaries and stick to them. – Unknown


70. You never fully see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresher air. – Unknown


Powerful Toxic People Quotes


Here are 10 frequently asked questions about toxic people:

What is a toxic person?
A toxic person is someone who consistently displays harmful behavior, often in a manipulative or abusive way, that negatively affects those around them.

How can you identify toxic people?
Toxic people may exhibit a range of negative behaviors, such as constantly criticizing others, gaslighting, or being controlling. If someone consistently makes you feel drained, anxious, or unhappy, they may be toxic.

What are the effects of being around toxic people?
Being around toxic people can have a range of negative effects, including decreased self-esteem, increased stress and anxiety, and difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.

How can you protect yourself from toxic people?
Some ways to protect yourself from toxic people include setting boundaries, limiting contact, and seeking support from trusted friends or professionals.

Can toxic people change?
While some toxic people may be able to change their behavior, it’s ultimately up to them to recognize and address their harmful patterns.

How can you confront a toxic person?
Confronting a toxic person can be difficult, but it’s important to approach the conversation with clear boundaries and a focus on your own needs and well-being.

What are some common types of toxic people?
Common types of toxic people include narcissists, manipulators, and bullies.

How can you handle a toxic family member?
Handling a toxic family member can be especially challenging, but setting boundaries and seeking support from other family members or professionals can help.

How can you break free from a toxic relationship?
Breaking free from a toxic relationship may involve setting clear boundaries, seeking support, and potentially ending the relationship altogether if it’s consistently harmful.


In order to create a more healthy and positive environment for ourselves, it is important to address and remove toxic people from our lives. This can be difficult, but it is necessary for our own well-being.

It is important for us to set boundaries and communicate them clearly, and if those boundaries are not respected by others, it might be time to reevaluate the relationship that we have with any Toxic People around us.

Remember, it is not our responsibility to fix or change toxic people, and it is okay to let go of a relationship that no longer serves us in a positive way.

Making self-care a priority and surrounding yourself with more positive and supportive people can lead to a happier and healthier life.

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