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Damien Thomas

Hello and welcome,

My name is Damien Thomas, I am the founder of Your Positive Oasis.

I am passionate about personal development, and I hope that you are too.

I enjoy reading, listening to, and watching great motivational and educational material. I enjoy taking what I have learned from this material and applying it to both my personal and professional life.

I purchased my first personal development book, The Magic of Thinking Big, almost thirty years ago. I believe that personal development is an exciting lifelong process as well as a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

I am the very proud owner of two Facebook pages “Your Positive Oasis” and “Motivational Daily Quotes.” I am inspired every day to share positive and inspiring quotes and articles with other like-minded positive people from all over the world. The amazing members of these pages inspire me, and put a smile on my face every day. Without them, Your Positive Oasis would not be what it is today.

On the Home Page you will find the latest uplifting and inspiring articles and quotes. I usually post a new article or collection of quotes a few times a week, so please stop by and check them out.

I hope that in your busy day, you give yourself a few minutes to stop by to enjoy a great article, an interesting quiz or a wonderful collection of motivational quotes.

It is my sincere wish that Your Positive Oasis will inspire you to believe in your goals, your dreams and yourself.

I passionately believe that the world needs more positivity! With this in mind, it is my goal to inspire and motivate over 1 million people from all over the world every month.

I think that you will really enjoy Your Positive Oasis if:

You want to build your confidence

You want to achieve your goals

You want to find your passion

You want to make a difference to the world

You enjoy reading inspirational quotes

You want to change your mindset

You want to feel more empowered

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Damien Thomas