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20 Questions To Help You Find Your Passion



Have you ever wondered to yourself, what am I really passionate about?


I struggled with the very same question for many years. That was until I made it a personal mission to find out what I was really passionate about, so that I could also discover what was my real purpose in life.


Find Your Passion And You’ll Find Your Purpose ~ Damien Thomas


I have been told many times in the past “just follow your passion!” I usually replied, I would, if I just knew what I was passionate about! You might feel the very same way too! Do you ever feel that the exciting goals and dreams that you once had years ago somehow got lost as you went to college and found a job? Perhaps you felt pressurized by society that you shouldn’t follow your dreams, but instead you should get a good education, find a steady job and just settle down. For sure, getting a good education can be paramount in finding a good career to pay your bills, but imagine how rewarding it would be to spend more time doing what you are passionate about, and doing what you love to do! Instead of just working to pay your bills!

I am not saying that you should discover your passion and just drop your career, but can you imagine how rewarding it would be if you could discover what you are really passionate about and then start to put aside a few hours every week doing what you are truly passionate about.

Here are the very same 20 questions (some tough) that I asked myself to help me to find what was I passionate about.

Give yourself thirty minutes to an hour to complete the following exciting exercise. Use a journal or some sheets of paper to write down your answers. Some people will simply read over these questions and they won’t take action, or you can be different. You can take the time to answer the following questions, if you do, and you are really honest with yourself the rewards can be life changing.


Here Are 20 Questions To Ask Yourself To Help You Find Your Passion:


1. What is currently going well for you in your life and career? — What do you find fulfilling, meaningful and enjoyable?


2. What isn’t working well for you in your current life and career? — What drains you, makes you stressed or makes you feel that you are wasting your time?


3. What are some of your childhood dreams or goals that you were never able to fully explore but you still find intriguing?


4. If you were financially secure, how would you spend your time?


5. If you could be remembered for three things, what would they be?


6. What skills do you currently possess that you really enjoy and love to do?


7. What activities have you done in a past or current job that you really enjoy and find fulfilling?


8. What are your top 3 personal core values?


9. What do you fear the most when it comes to following your passion?


10. What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself and your ability to succeed at making your passion a part of your life?


11. Are there any people in your life preventing you from pursuing your passion? Who are they and how do you feel that they are holding you back?


12. What could you do or say to these people/person to get their support.


13. What interests or hobbies have you had in the past few years that really interest you and might hold the potential for a life passion?


14. Would you be willing to downsize any of your lifestyle in order to live your passion?


15. What would your ideal day look like? Describe it in vivid detail from morning until bedtime.


16. If you woke up almost every day feeling happy about your life and the work that you do, how would that impact you physically, emotionally, in your relationships, and your self-confidence?


17. What would make you feel proud of yourself?


18. If you could start all over again with your life and career, what would you do differently?


19. If you feel that you might know what you are passionate about, have you taken any action to learn more about it and experience it?


20. What actions steps are you going to take starting today, to follow your passion?


If you have invested the time in yourself and your future, and you have answered all of these questions honestly, you should have a clearer vision of what you are passionate about in life.


The next step is the most exciting part. Make a promise to yourself to go to work to make it real! You have put it off for long enough to find and follow your passion. Now is the perfect time to grab the moment with both hands and begin to turn it into a reality. You will be so glad that you did, and you totally deserve it.




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