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Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes That Will Totally Inspire You

Damien Thomas



Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes and Mantras

The following wonderful collection of Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes and mantras are sure to inspire you on your personal and spiritual journey in life.

Gabrielle Bernstein is an international motivational speaker, life coach, and New York Times best selling author. Oprah Winfrey named her as a “new thought leader” on her SuperSoul Sunday show.

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25 Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes and Mantras


1. Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession. – Gabrielle Bernstein


2. I’m working on my happiness like a full-time job. – Gabrielle Bernstein


3. What you believe, you receive. – Gabrielle Bernstein


4. Release the past, enjoy the present and have faith in the future. – Gabrielle Bernstein


Gabby Bernstein Quotes


5. Praying is the time to ask and meditating is the time to listen.Gabrielle Bernstein


6. You have the power to create the world you want to see. – Gabrielle Bernstein


7. Real change requires a desire to change. – Gabrielle Bernstein


8 of 25 Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes and Mantras

When we chase happiness externally, we’re simply looking for God in all the wrong places. – Gabrielle Bernstein


9. The key to serenity is trusting that the universe has your back. – Gabrielle Bernstein


10. I am worthy of feeling good. – Gabrielle Bernstein


Gabby Bernstein Quotes


11. The moment we begin to celebrate ourselves and focus on our successes is the moment we begin living. – Gabrielle Bernstein


12. Energy flows where my attention and intention goes. – Gabrielle Bernstein


13. True abundance isn’t based on our net worth, it’s based on our self-worth. – Gabrielle Bernstein


14. Sometimes your higher self will guide you to make mistakes so you can learn lessons. – Gabrielle Bernstein


15. True abundance is an inside job. – Gabrielle Bernstein


Gabby Bernstein Quotes


16. Take action once a day to do something that ignites your life. – Gabrielle Bernstein


17. It’s the journey that matters, not the destination. – Gabrielle Bernstein


18. My day unfolds with ease and grace. – Gabrielle Bernstein


19 of 25 Gabby Bernstein Quotes and Mantras

When you focus on your greatness, you elevate everyone around you. – Gabrielle Bernstein


20. All the happiness, self-confidence, and support you’re seeking is already within you. – Gabrielle Bernstein


Gabby Bernstein Quotes


21. Step into your power. Now is your time. – Gabrielle Bernstein


22. The more you retrain yourself to choose happiness over fear, the more blissful you will be. – Gabrielle Bernstein


23. Be an energetic match for what you desire. – Gabrielle Bernstein


24. I learned that real happiness doesn’t come from getting but from giving. – Gabrielle Bernstein


Gabby Bernstein Quotes


25. Don’t dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be. Dive deeply and fully into it. – Gabrielle Bernstein


I hope that you enjoyed reading this wonderful collection of Gabby Bernstein Quotes.

The above Gabby Bernstein Quotes serve as powerful reminders of the importance of self-love, inner peace, and spiritual growth.

Her words inspire us to let go of fear, cultivate gratitude, and embrace the present moment. Gabby Bernstein’s quotes can provide the encouragement and wisdom we need to overcome our obstacles and achieve our goals.

Let these quotes inspire us to continue to grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves.