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10 Steps To Living A Wonderful Life



10 Steps To Living A Wonderful Life

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? Do you ever feel that deep down you are capable of so much more. I honestly believe that if we actually realized what we were capable of, we would really astound ourselves. I have put the following steps together to help you to take action today and start living the wonderful life that you deserve.

1. Take Action Right Now

The first and most important step to long lasting life change is to decide what you want, and to do something about it right now! Not tomorrow when you get home from work, not at the weekend when you will have more time, and not waiting until the summer when the sun is shining. Decide what you want, believe that it is possible for you and take action today! You owe it to yourself. Follow these steps to get into the right mindset and help to keep you on track with your exciting goals and dreams of the future.

2. Seek And You Will Find

Do you have a list of exciting goals for your future? Read this article about goal setting and take the time to complete this empowering exercise. Get the help from friends and family members with any advice that can help you, invest in a great book, DVD or audio program from one of the many personal development giants such as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy or many others. There is a wealth of knowledge available that will help you and keep you on track with your goals.

The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become. ~ Jim Rohn

3. Get Ready For Change

Just like the world around us is changing, we too need to change. Not just to change for the sake of change, but change due the conscious decision you have made to live a better life. It can be so easy to let days, weeks and perhaps even years drift past as we put off our goals for another year or until the time is ‘perfect’. Today is the perfect day. Decide that enough is enough and today is your day to change. By creating a solid personal development plan for yourself, you will have more control over the changes that will have a positive influence in your life.

4. Take Ownership Of Your Plan

When you create a list of exciting goals and dreams for your future, make the decision to take ownership of your plan. Make the decision to take control of your life and the wonderful journey ahead of you. Make the positive choice that the rest of your life is going to be the best of your life. Remember, the action that you take today will influence the person that you will become tomorrow.

5. Enjoy Your Journey

There are many different paths that we can choose that can make up a journey, and when you have a choice, always try to choose the path that you will enjoy the most. Make the decision to do more things that appeal to you, and in return the wonderful changes that you are looking for will become so much more fun and enjoyable. Choose the people who you enjoy to be with, that can help you change along the way. Grow great friendships with people that you already know and nurture new friendships with others that you do not not know that well yet.

6. Keep Moving

On your journey in life there will be many road bumps along the way. You need to keep going and push on through when you are faced with a difficult part of your journey in life. Keep focused on your exciting goals, stay committed to your journey, and keep your positive momentum going. With the right frame of mind you will reach your journey sooner than you think. Self development is an exciting life long journey. Always remember to stay focused on your destination, but be sure to enjoy the journey along the way. The journey of life is not a race but rather a wonderful adventure full of experiences, made up of many steps. Each step along the way is a chance for personal growth, happiness and a rich life.

7. What Are Your Goals?

Your goals that you have for yourself form a powerful image of the person that you are and also that of the person that you want to become. It is very important that you keep your thoughts and mindset in line with your goals. Are you really sure what you want to achieve are really your goals? Or is society telling you what you must have, and what you must become to be happy? Be true to yourself and your journey will become more real and more true to who you really are. When you and your thoughts are working together, that is when real long lasting progress will be made.

8. Inspire Others

As you begin to make progress along the way, try to help and motivate others to do the same. Why not encourage others to set goals for themselves and to feel more positive about their future. Suggest great books for others to read that might change their habits and inspire them to grow and flourish. By helping others to grow and develop, you will be more likely to also grow and bloom into the person that you wish to become.

Each of us need all of us, and all of us need each of us. ~ Jim Rohn

9. One Step At A Time

We have all heard of the famous saying “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This is so true, and these are wise words to remember as you take the first step on your exciting journey to a new life and a new you. The size of your goals are only limited by the size of your thoughts. Break free from the past, take the empowering decision to take one step at a time, no matter how small towards the person that you wish to become and the life that you want to live.

10. Show Gratitude

Get into the positive daily habit of writing down three things in your life that you are grateful for. When I started this wonderful habit, I began to really appreciate my life, my health and the people who I love around me. I made this a daily habit after using the Five Minute Journal.

The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, it starts feeling like one.

I hope that these 10 steps will inspire you to take positive action and start living the life that you really deserve. Starting today, why not start your own gratitude journal, write out a list of your goals, make the decision now to change and enjoy the wonderful journey ahead of you.



50 Thought Provoking Existential Questions



50 Thought Provoking Existential Questions

What are existential questions?

Existential questions are usually deep, philosophical questions that question just that — our very existence.

They can be great conversation starters and they can also sometimes make for a passionate discussion. The following existential questions can be a great way to get to know someone better and perhaps even learn new things about yourself.

The word existential comes from the Latin word “existentia”, which means to exist. Existential questions challenge our way of thinking, our beliefs and our perspective.

Is there a right or wrong answer to an existential question? Perhaps not, as each question usually just asks more questions.

I have put together the following list of thought provoking existential questions so that you can perhaps start an internal conversation with yourself or start an interesting debate with your friends.

50 Thought Provoking Existential Questions


1. Are there limits to human creativity?

2. What makes something beautiful?

3. How do we know if we’re doing the right thing?

4. Who am I?

5. What is one thing that every human should get to experience in their life?

6. Do you believe in a power greater than humanity?

7. Are we given enough time?

8. Is privacy a right?

9. What is the best way for a person to attain happiness?

10. Are we alone in the universe?

11. What is love?

12. How would you define genius?

13. What do you think your purpose is?

14. If babies are considered innocent, when do people cease to be innocent?

15. Is it better to expand your knowledge or to deepen it?

16. Why do you think we are here?

17. How important is ‘play’ in living a healthy and fulfilling life?

18. Do you have a right to be happy, or should you earn it?

19. What happens when I die?

20. What worries me the most about the future?

21. What is a person? Is it the mind, or the body?

22. Would the world be a better place if all leaders were women? If you answered yes, why?

23. What activity have I done that has made me feel the most alive?

24. Does truth exist without evidence?

25. If I had to instill one piece of advice in a newborn baby’s mind, what advice would I give?

26. Does a person have a soul? If so, where is it?

27. Is intelligence or wisdom more useful?

28. Is it more important to love or be loved?

29. What would make the world a better place?

30. How should we measure our lives? In years? In moments? In accomplishments? Something else?

31. What is the difference between living and simply existing?

32. If you died today, would you be satisfied with the life you’ve lived?

33. What advice would you tell your younger self?

34. Which is worse: failing or never trying?

35. Is a minimum wage a good idea? What about a maximum wage?

36. What is the most important goal every person should have?

37. Can anything ever really be considered ‘true’ or is everything subjective?

38. Is the world a better place with humans in it?

39. If extra-terrestrial life was discovered, how do you think humanity would react?

40. Is happiness just a mixture of chemicals circulating through our bodies?

41. Where do you think we go when we die?

42. Have I done anything lately worth remembering?

43. Can you ever have full control over your own life?

44. How do you know that you are not dreaming right now?

45. Is one lifetime enough?

46. What matters most in my life?

47. Is a person ever truly evil? If so, are they born that way?

48. What is the meaning of life?

49. Is humanity going in the right or wrong direction?

50. What does it mean to live a good life?

I hope that you enjoyed these thought provoking existential questions. I hope that they perhaps made you think about your beliefs, yourself and the world around you (the bigger picture). If you discuss these questions with a friend, remember, there is probably no right and wrong answers, usually just a matter of opinion.

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