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50 Jocko Willink Quotes That Will Totally Inspire You

Damien Thomas



Jocko Willink Quotes

I really hope that you will enjoy reading this wonderful collection of inspirational Jocko Willink Quotes.

Jocko Willink is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer, bestselling author, and motivational speaker.

Jocko Willink is best known for his leadership principles, which he has shared through his best selling books “Extreme Ownership” and “Leadership Strategy & Tactics” and on his very popular podcast, “The Jocko Podcast.”

He is a prominent figure in the world of Leadership, Teamwork and personal development, emphasizing discipline, responsibility, and mental toughness.

I am sure that after reading these Jocko Willink Quotes, you will want to take action to improve aspects of your life that need some work.

If you are ready to get totally inspired and more disciplined, I am sure that the following Jocko Willink quotes will help you.


Jocko Willink Quotes

1. “Every day that you don’t do work, you’re going backwards.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Quotes


2. “Stop researching every aspect of it and reading all about it and debating the pros and cons of it … Start doing it.” – Jocko Willink


3. “The darkness cannot extinguish your light. Your will, your determination. No matter what is happening, no matter how hard the fight is. As long as you keep fighting, you win.” – Jocko Willink


4. “There is no growth in the comfort zone.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Comfort Zone Quote


5. “Don’t fight stress. Embrace it. Turn it on itself. Use it to make yourself sharper and more alert. Use it to make you think and learn and get better and smarter and more effective.” – Jocko Willink


6. “If you get out there and do your best, you will either win, or you will learn.” – Jocko Willink


Do Your Best Jocko Willink Quote


7. “When a team takes ownership of its problems, the problem gets solved. It is true on the battlefield, it is true in business, and it is true in life.” – Jocko Willink


8. “Instead of letting the situation dictate our decisions, we must dictate the situation.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Dictating the situation quote


9. “Even if you can’t perform at a high level, showing up and doing something is still a thousand times better than not showing up at all.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Quotes

10. “When you want to earn respect, give respect, when you earn influence, give influence, when you want to earn trust, give trust, all those three are related.” – Jocko Willink


Earn Respect Jocko Willink Quote


11. “Leading people is the most challenging and, therefore, the most gratifying undertaking of all human endeavors.” – Jocko Willink


12. “Don’t count on motivation. Count on discipline.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Count On Discipline Quote


13. “Don’t just think. Don’t just talk. Don’t just dream. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is that you actually do. So do!” – Jocko Willink


14. “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Jocko Willink


Life Meaningful Jocko Willink Quote


15. “Where does discipline come from? It’s pretty simple and pretty obvious. Discipline comes from within. It’s an internal force.” – Jocko Willink


16. “There is no shortcut. There is no hack. There’s only one way. So get after it.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink No Shortcut Quote


17. “Self-discipline comes from the self, it comes from you. It comes from when you make a decision to be disciplined. When you make a decision to be better, when you make a decision to do more and to be more. Self-discipline comes when you decide that you’re going to make a mark on the world.” – Jocko Willink


18. “Discipline is your best friend. It will take care of you like nothing else can.” – Jocko Willink


Discipline is your best friend Jocko Quote


19. “Don’t give into the instant gratification that is whispering in your ear. Shut that voice down and say “not today”. – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Leadership Quotes

20. “You already know what the right thing to do is. You just gotta do it.” – Jocko Willink


Inspirational Jocko Willink Quote


21. “The shortcut is a lie. The hack doesn’t get you there. And if you want to take the easy road, it won’t take you to where you want to be: Stronger. Smarter. Faster. Healthier. Better.” – Jocko Willink


22. “Everyone wants some magic pill, some life hack, that eliminates the need to do the work. But that does not exist.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Magic Pill Quote


23. “Effective leaders lead successful teams that accomplish their mission and win. Ineffective leaders do not.” – Jocko Willink


24. “Don’t let your mind control you. Control your mind.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Control Your Mind Quote


25. “Once people stop making excuses, stop blaming others, and take ownership of everything in their lives, they are compelled to take action to solve their problems.” – Jocko Willink


26. “Hesitation is the enemy. It allows the moment to pass, the opportunity to be lost, the enemy to get the upper hand.” – Jocko Willink


Hesitation Is The Enemy Jocko Willink Quote


27. “Fear is normal. Every person feels fear at some point. Step aggressively towards your fear — that is the step into bravery.” – Jocko Willink


28. “What makes you a disciplined person, is choosing to be disciplined.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Choosing to be disciplined Quote


29. “Freedom is what everyone wants – to be able to act and live with freedom. But the only way to get to a place of freedom is through discipline.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Inspirational Quotes

30. “Get out there and live and strive to be better, because the life you got it is a gift, so live it!” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Inspirational Quote


31. “One of the best mental disciplines for people to implement is simply putting together a schedule or a task list and actually executing it.” – Jocko Willink


32. “Good leaders don’t make excuses. Instead, they figure out a way to get it done.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Leadership Quote


33. “If you can say the word good, guess what? It means you’re still alive, it means you’re still breathing, and if you’re still breathing, well then hell, you still got some fight left in you.” Jocko Willink


34. “Unless you do the work, the world will never see your vision.” – Jocko Willink


Do The Work Jocko Willink Quote


35. “It’s the grind that sharpens the axe.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Quote About Hard Work


36. “The more you practice, the better you get, the more freedom you have to create.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Freedom Quote


37. “Just do some kind of workout. Doesn’t matter if it’s going for a walk around the block, going for a jog, doing some calisthenics, lifting weights, going to a pool and swimming – you name it. But do something that gets your blood flowing and gets your mind in the game.” – Jocko Willink


38. “You’re not going to find happiness. You have to make it. So get out there and make some happiness.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Happiness Quote


39. “Getting out of bed is like the foundation of the discipline, and I think it carries over into everything else.” – Jocko Willink


Motivational Jocko Quotes

40. “Do not lie to yourself, tell yourself the truth. That is where discipline comes from.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Truth Quote


41. “There is no easy way. There is only hard work, late nights, early mornings, practice, rehearsal, repetition, study, sweat, blood, toil, frustration, and discipline.” – Jocko Willink


42. “I’m always reading the next book. Taking notes. Highlighting, researching, studying. It doesn’t stop.” – Jocko Willink


Motivational Jocko Willink Quote


43. “To implement real change, to drive people to accomplish something truly complex or difficult or dangerous, you can’t make people do these things. You have to lead them.” – Jocko Willink


44. “If you don’t think you are disciplined: It is because you haven’t decided to be disciplined…Yet.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Motivational Quote


45. “We all have a tendency to avoid our weaknesses. When we do that, we never progress or get any better.” – Jocko Willink


46. “One day you’re gonna look back at the challenges you faced and say, “Thank you for making me better.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Quote About Challenges


47. “Things won’t get better dwelling on the past. Accept what has happened. Then move forward.” – Jocko Willink


48. “Some days I win, and some days I don’t. But each and every day, I get back up.” – Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink Every Day Quote



When you don’t understand a word — get out the dictionary.

When you don’t understand a concept — break it down until you do.

When you don’t know how something works — dig into it until you do.

Ask every question that comes to mind. That is how you learn.

And most important: Question yourself.

Question yourself every day.

Ask yourself:

Who am I? What have I learned? What have I created?

What forward progress have I made? Who have I helped?

What am I doing to improve myself — today? To get better, faster, stronger, healthier, smarter?

Is this what I want to be? This…?

Is this all I’ve got — is this everything I can give? Is this going to be my life? Do I accept that?

Ask yourself those questions, those hard questions

and then answer them, truthfully.

And realize that all of us — ALL OF US — can do better.

We can be better. And it starts when you begin to ask those questions … So ask the hard questions of yourself — and find the path to progress and discipline and to freedom inside the answers. – Jocko Willink


50. “Get up and go! Take the risk, take the gamble, take the first step. Take action. And don’t let another day slip by.” – Jocko Willink


Get up and go! Jocko Willink Quote


This collection of Jocko Willink Quotes remind us of the importance of discipline, leadership, and unwavering determination.

Whether you are seeking motivation, guidance, or a fresh look on leadership, his wonderful quotes serve as a powerful source of inspiration.

I hope that you use these Jocko Willink quotes as a source for strength and guidance on your own amazing journey towards excellence, growth and happiness.