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30 Life Lessons That I Would Tell My Younger Self

Damien Thomas



Life Lessons That I Would Tell My Younger Self

I clearly remember when I was 18, then 25 and in then what seems like a flash, I have recently celebrated by 50th birthday. While some people might dread the thoughts of hitting such a milestone.

I feel as fit and healthy now as I did in my twenties. I wake up every morning grateful for another day. I also feel blessed for everything that I have achieved and for all of the wonderful people around me. I feel happier, healthier and more content than ever and the journey is not over yet!

I have spent much of the last five decades trying to figure out, who did I want to become? What did I want to do? And what difference did I want to make? As you know, in life there are no set of instructions, or path we need to follow as we each of us has our own special journey.

Sure, I know that I should have made some different choices along the way, but thankfully I don’t have too many regrets. What I have learned over the years, are a few simple lessons that have helped me and if I could go back in time, I would pass these life lessons to my younger self.

What life lessons have you learned over the years that if you could, you would tell your younger self?

1. Have more belief in yourself

2. Use a journal every day

3. Stretch

4. Drink more water

5. Pay your credit card bill on time

6. Open a savings account (and put money in)

7. Invest in yourself: Read more

8. Smile more often. (It is infectious)

9. Don’t use your phone so often

10. Find a career that you enjoy (they do exist!)

11. Watch less television

12. Walk more often

13. Meditate (I use a singing bowl)

14. Be happy were you are right now

15. Don’t wish away the days until your next vacation

16. Help other people

17. Have more fun

18. Read your goals every day

19. Don’t get stuck in a routine

20. Tell people that you love them

21. Work on your health. (Exercise, Diet and Sleep)

22. Surround yourself with people that inspire you

23. Don’t get so stressed

24. Be true to yourself

25. Enjoy life

26. Be a hard worker.

27. Celebrate your wins

28. Don’t dwell on your setbacks

29. Learn from your mistakes

30. Don’t put things on the long finger. Just do it!