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20 Steve Pavlina Quotes That Will Inspire You

Damien Thomas



Steve Pavlina Quotes

I really hope that you will enjoy reading this wonderful collection of Steve Pavlina quotes.

Steve Pavlina is an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is the author of the web site and the book Personal Development for Smart People.

He has written more than 1500 articles on a broad range of self-help topics, including productivity, relationships, and spirituality. Steve Pavlina promotes 7 core principals of growth: Truth, Love, Power, Oneness, Authority, Courage and Intelligence.


Steve Pavlina Quotes

1. “You can’t solve problems if you don’t admit they exist. The first step on your path of personal growth must be to recognize that your life as it stands right now isn’t how you want it to be.” ― Steve Pavlina


2. “Journaling is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to discover new truths. By getting your thoughts out of your head and putting them down in writing, you’ll gain insights you’d otherwise miss.” ― Steve Pavlina


3. “The ultimate responsibility for how your life turns out rests with you and you alone.” ― Steve Pavlina


4. “Do your best to stay true to yourself. Make the choices that allow you to look in the mirror and feel good about the person gazing back at you.” ― Steve Pavlina


5. “There goes another hour of your life, never to return again, are you pleased with how you used it? How will you invest the next one?” ― Steve Pavlina


6. “Your environment will eat your goals and plans for breakfast.” ― Steve Pavlina


7. “If you want to achieve some really big and interesting goals, you have to learn to fall in love with hard work.” ― Steve Pavlina


8. “You have within you the power to make whatever changes you want to make in your life.” ― Steve Pavlina


9. “Thoughts are like seeds. If you want different results in life, you have to figure out which thoughts are capable of growing those results are which are not.” ― Steve Pavlina


Motivational Steve Pavlina Quotes

10. “If you aren’t working on your goals, you aren’t working. You’re just wasting time.” ― Steve Pavlina


11. “Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state.” ― Steve Pavlina


12. “If you want to get onto a new path, you have to be the one to initiate it. Not me. Not your boss. Not your spouse. Not some divine being. It has to come from you.” ― Steve Pavlina


13. “If you aren’t feeling passionate about your life, skip TV tonight and write a whole new vision for what you’d really love to experience.” ― Steve Pavlina


14. “When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. ― Steve Pavlina


15. “The only thing stopping you is fear, and the only thing that will get you past it is courage. What you do with your life isn’t up to your parents, your boss, or your spouse. It’s up to you and you alone.” ― Steve Pavlina


16. “If you dislike the answers you’re getting from life, try asking better questions.” ― Steve Pavlina


17. “Fear is not your enemy, it is a compass pointing you to the areas where you need to grow.” ― Steve Pavlina


18. “The more disciplined you become, the easier life gets.” ― Steve Pavlina


19. “People often overestimate what they can reasonably achieve in a year. But they vastly underestimate what they can achieve in 5 years.” ― Steve Pavlina


20. “The most intelligent thing that you can possibly do with your life is to grow!” ― Steve Pavlina


This collection of Steve Pavlina quotes serves as a powerful reminder to take ownership of our lives and pursue our dreams with passion.

These words of wisdom inspire us to step into our full potential, embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, and develop a growth mindset that will empower us to overcome any obstacle.

So, let us not just read these quotes, but let us live them. Let us take action now, fueled by determination and a belief in our own capacity for greatness.

It is time to unleash our inner power and create a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.
Dare to dream big, take risks, and never waver in the pursuit of your passions. The world is waiting for you to discover your unique gifts and make a difference. Start today and become the hero of your own amazing story.