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10 Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

Damien Thomas



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We are all very familiar with the saying “Karma is a bi**h”. When someone does us wrong, that’s usually one of the first things that comes out of our mouths followed perhaps by a few colorful words.

The clear definition of Karma for those of us who are still a tad unclear: any action you take will decide your fate either in this life or the next. Do good and good will come to you, do bad and well, you get the idea.

As the Law of Attraction has laws that will affect your life, so does Karma. Society still scoffs at any ‘law’ or ‘rule’ laid out by something that isn’t in the physical realm, but karma will prove to be true time and time again, so pay attention to your words and actions to others. So what are the 10 laws of Karma that will change your life?


1. The Law of Change.

Change your thoughts change your life. Being open to change is paramount in improving our lives and growing into a better person. Change your negative behavior, clear your toxic mind, change your life, and Karma will show its appreciation to you.


2. The Law of Forgiving.

When you don’t forgive, you hold grudges and may even still have ill thoughts of doing harm to that person or speaking badly of them. There is no love or good in holding a grudge. Karma hears you too. Forgive the ones who have hurt you and release all of those negative thoughts.


3. The Law of Giving.

Giving just opens the floodgates for receiving more. It also maintains the flow of abundance and goodness that all selfless givers deserve. When you give with your heart, Karma knows. Try giving from ego and see what happens. Always give without expecting anything back in return, ever. That is true giving.


“Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.” Jim Rohn


4. The Law of Cause and Effect.

This falls into the universal laws of attraction but also has its hand in the law of Karma. This just goes back to the be good/do good/receive good rule. Or on the flip side of that, be bad/do bad/receive bad. That is why it is important to always just to make an effort to do more good others.

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” Dr Wayne Dyer


5. The Law of Growth.

Be open to grow, change, learning and improving. If you don’t change your ways or at least be open minded enough to learn new and more positive ways of living, then nothing changes, which just goes back to the law of cause and effect. It is never too late to grow, learn and change.


6. The Law of Responsibility.

Blaming others for whatever has happened is completely shrugging off your responsibilities as a person. You and you alone are responsible for your life, the bad and the good. Taking responsibility for your life will open your eyes to help you make better choices in your life.


7. The Law of Mindfulness.

Be here, be present and and be in the now. Our past is out of our control as is our future. It is what we do right here, right now, in the present that will directly affect our future. Be mindful of your words and your actions today. Always be  more kind, loving and caring. Starting from Today!


8. The Law of Connectivity.

We are all connected energetically to the universe and each other. By staying disconnected, we are not serving any good purpose to other people on the planet. It is important to do our own part to keep the world connected whether it is through love, compassion or in a physical form.


9. The Law of Inspiration.

Staying motivated and determined to give, grow and inspire others only leads to love and more connectivity throughout the world, almost like a chain reaction. If we fail to inspire others, we fail to contribute and keep the positive energy flowing. It all has to start somewhere with someone. Why not you?


10. The Law of Patience.

With patience comes great reward. We all know the more we do; the more rewards that we will reap. Patience is a virtue, and we will never know when our rewards will be sown. Just remember to give and love selflessly. You will be rewarded by your actions.

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Main image by: Cameron Grey.