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30 Powerful Rev. Ike Quotes That Will Inspire You

Damien Thomas



Reverend Ike Quotes

The following wonderful collection of Rev. Ike quotes will not only inspire you, but they will empower you to manifest a life overflowing with abundance, joy, and fulfillment.

Hailing from the busy streets of South Carolina, Reverend Ike was a true maverick who refused to be confined by societal limitations. His remarkable journey began as a young boy, filled with an insatiable curiosity for the infinite possibilities that life had to offer.

Rev. Ike was gifted with an extraordinary ability to captivate hearts and minds through his sermons. He embarked on a mission to awaken the potential in people who were looking for greater fulfillment and success in their lives.

During his peak popularity in the 1970s, Reverend Ike had an audience of about 2.5 million. His sermons were broadcast on television and over 1,000 radio stations.

He also produced motivational books, audio programs, a magazine, and videos, such as ‘The Master of Money‘ ‘Your Power of Visualization‘ and ‘The Secret of Happiness.’

Reverend Ike’s charismatic personality, unyielding optimism, and unorthodox approach to spirituality has earned him a place in the annals of motivational history.

With every sermon that he delivered, Rev. Ike seamlessly merged spiritual teachings and practical applications that resonated with audiences on a deeply profound level.

He preached that abundance was not just a distant magical dream, but an attainable reality that could be brought into existence through the power of visualization, affirmations, and the unwavering belief in one’s own potential.

The following collection of Reverend Ike quotes are a powerful testament to his wisdom and insight.

Whether you are seeking guidance on unlocking your financial potential, growing better relationships, or harnessing the power of self-love, his quotes will inspire and guide you on your own exciting journey in life.


Reverend Ike Quotes

1. “It’s not important what other people believe about you, it’s only important what you believe about you.” ― Rev Ike


Reverend Ike Self Belief Quote


2. “If you want to experience the very best of life, you must believe that you deserve the best.” ― Rev Ike


3. “You cannot have anything that you cannot see yourself having in your own mind.” ― Rev Ike


Rev Ike Mindset Quote


4. “You should meet life with a feeling of joy, a feeling of happiness, a feeling of the expectation of good.” ― Rev Ike


5. “You experience life according to your belief about yourself.” ― Reverend Ike


Rev Ike Belief About Yourself Quote


6. “Give your attention to health, happiness, love, success and prosperity and you will have health, love, success and prosperity.” ― Rev Ike


7. “Nothing can come to you unless you believe you deserve it, and nothing can go from you unless you believe you don’t deserve it.” ― Rev Ike


Nothing can come to you unless you believe you deserve it.


8. “Don’t waste anymore time listening to bad news. Don’t waste anymore time listening to doubts, fears and worries.” ― Rev Ike


9. “People of different races, are God wrapped in different color packages.” ― Rev Ike


People of different races, are God wrapped in different color packages. Rev Ike Quote


Rev. Ike Quotes

10. “Anything that you can honestly think and feel that you are worthy of, must come to you.” ― Rev Ike


11. “I don’t care how much faith you may have in a God in the sky until you learn to have faith in the God in you.” ― Reverend Ike


Reverend Ike Quote About Faith


12. “Once you make a decision, miracles will begin to happen.” ― Rev Ike


13. “Faith is your belief about yourself.” ― Rev Ike


Faith is your belief about yourself. Rev Ike Quote


14. “You only need to direct your mind to accomplish the good which you desire.” ― Rev Ike


15. “The world is full of wonders which people said couldn’t be done.” ― Rev Ike


The world is full of wonders Quote


16. “I am always becoming that which I see myself being.” ― Rev Ike


17. “Money obeys what you believe about it. Money is always obeying your thought about it, your feeling about it, your belief about it.” ― Reverend Ike


Reverend Ike Quote About Money


18. “Nothing really comes to you from outside of you, everything comes to you from within your own consciousness.” ― Rev Ike


19. “Give your mind a purpose and it will find all the necessary ways and means of accomplishing the purpose you give it.” ― Rev Ike


Rev Ike Quote About Purpose


Inspirational Reverend Ike Quotes

20. “The subconscious mind is a listener and a believer.” ― Rev Ike


21. “Nothing decisive will happen in your life until you really make a decision.” ― Rev Ike


Really Make a Decision Reverend Ike Quote


22. “Where my attention goes, power flows.” ― Rev Ike


23. “Visualization is using your imagination to see yourself being, doing and having the good which you desire.” ― Reverend Ike


Reverend Ike Visualization Quote


24. “Direct your attention toward the vision, the feeling , the idea, the belief of being, and doing the good that you desire.” ― Rev Ike


25. “All the money that I use returns to me multiplied in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment.” ― Rev Ike


Rev Ike Money Affirmation


26. “Before you go to sleep every night, visualize what you want, see yourself being, doing and having, the good what you desire. And fall asleep in that vision, in that mood, in that attitude.” ― Rev Ike


27. “How in the world can you believe in somebody in the sky and you can’t believe in the somebody in you.” ― Rev Ike


Rev Ike Believe In Yourself Quote


28. “If your mind can conceive prosperity, you will achieve prosperity.” ― Rev Ike


29. “You always become what you are fascinated with.” ― Rev Ike Quote


Reverend Ike Quote


30. “Decision is the starting point of getting what you want.” ― Rev Ike


I really hope that the above Rev. Ike Quotes will guide you towards a future full of promise and possibilities.

I highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch some of his lessons on YouTube.

Let us all try to remember that through the power of our thoughts and actions, we all have the ability to shape our destinies and manifest even our wildest dreams.

As we embark on this exciting journey of self-discovery and empowerment, let us all be inspired by Rev Ike’s timeless wisdom, and may his spirit of boundless optimism continue to uplift and inspire us all. Embrace the magic of manifestation, live a life with purpose and passion, and watch as the universe will conspire to bring your desires to fruition.