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How to Harness the Positive Energy from a Full Moon

Damien Thomas



How to Harness the Positive Energy from a Full Moon

There are plenty of myths and legends about the power of a full moon. Some things you may have heard in the past are nothing more than old tales passed down through time. But, you shouldn’t completely ignore the idea that there is something special about a full moon – specifically, the positive energy it can bring.

Harnessing the positive energy of a full moon can help your mind, body, and spirit. It is one of the strongest energy sources that we can absorb, and so many people don’t take full advantage of that because they simply don’t know how.

Follow some of the tips listed in this guide to harness the powerful positive energy a full moon has to offer and keep away the negative energy that may be trying to consume your thoughts. When you fully grasp the power of the moon, you are sure to notice positive changes in your mind, body, and spirit.

Release Your Anger

The energy that comes from a full moon can intensify your current thoughts and feelings. So, it is important to push away anger and bitterness around this time. Let go of any bitterness you might be holding onto.

You can start to do this a few days ahead of time by trying deep breathing exercises and/or meditation. You want to rid yourself of any negative thoughts as much as possible, so that the positive ones can really shine through and grab the moon’s energy to amplify them.

Think Positive

Just as it is important to let go of darker/negative thoughts, it is just as equally important to think positively during a full moon. Your positive energy will be enhanced by the moon’s natural power, and you will feel so much better about the many positive things in your life.

The best part? It doesn’t take much to amplify your positivity, thanks to the awesome energy of the moon. Spend five minutes outside soaking up the full moons positive light and think about the things in your life that you are grateful for.

You can also recite a positive mantra or affirmation to yourself. Take time to appreciate the natural beauty around you, and the special people in your life. The opportunities are endless, which means that the positive energy that can be amplified by a full moon is also endless!

Picture Your Dreams Coming True

It is quite natural to think about your dreams regularly and deeply wish for them to come true. A full moon is a great time to take that one step further. Focus on those dreams manifesting. What does it look like? How would it make you feel? The more you can envision your dreams becoming a reality, the easier it can be for that ‘extra’ energy from the moon to make it happen!

Don’t just wait until a full moon comes around. You should envision your dreams coming true on a daily basis. They don’t just have to be wishes that you think will never come true.

The more you strongly believe in your dreams becoming a reality, the more likely you will be to see that pay off one day. Write your dreams down in a journal or post the ideas on a vision board that you can look at each day for added inspiration.


How to Harness the Positive Energy from a Full Moon


Re-Charge Your Crystals

If you have some crystals at home, a great way to re-charge them is during a full moon. First cleanse your crystals in water and then put them outside or near a window where they will get direct moonlight. As you place each crystal down, set a positive intention for each one you have if you have a few different crystals.

I have a number of crystals, so I like to make a different intention for each crystal that will affect different areas of my life such as health, positive thinking, energy etc. I find that crystals act as beautiful reminders of the different areas of my life that I would like to improve.


I touched on meditation earlier in this article, but when it comes to harnessing the energy of a full moon, meditation deserves its own category. Meditation during a full moon is not only a great way to clear your thoughts and opening yourself up to it’s powerful energy. You will also be able to dive deeper into your meditative state. This allows for a deeper state of self-consciousness.

If you really want to utilize the energy coming from the moon, try meditating in a group. The more people there are in the room, all focusing on letting that positive power in, the more energy that will be circulating. It can be an extremely powerful experience if everyone is open to it.


How to Harness the Positive Energy from a Full Moon


Do More for Others

You can also use the moon’s energy to send blessings to people. You can send healing energy, kindness, forgiveness, and so much more, and it will all be transported via the moon’s power. You don’t have to limit this positive energy just to people that you know. Send a blessing of peace to the many troubled countries of the world. The moon’s power can be at your fingertips, so it’s a great idea to use it in order to do something good for others.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to immerse yourself into the positive energy of a full moon. The biggest thing to keep in mind is how open you need to be to accepting that energy and pushing away any type of negativity that could instead become amplified.

Once you open yourself up to this abundance of positive energy, you can do so much for yourself, the people you care about and also the world around you.

It starts by practicing these techniques as often as possible, and not just when a full moon comes around. This way, by the time it does, the things that you are already thinking, feeling and practicing will only be amplified by the moon’s great positive power.