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Journaling Ideas: 20 Great Questions For Self Discovery

Damien Thomas



Great Questions For Self Discovery


The habit of Journaling is becoming more and more popular. Many people start this wonderful habit with the best of intentions only to stop after just a few attempts. It can sometimes feel a little daunting to open up a journal in the morning, just to see a blank page staring back at you. I discovered that once I had a number of great questions that I could ask myself before writing, the habit of journaling became something I now look forward to every day and I find it quite therapeutic and fun.

I have put together a list of 20 great questions to ask yourself, to help you start the habit of  journaling and begin to take positive action to improve different areas of your life.

You don’t need a special journal for the following exercise, a few sheets of paper will do for now. Once you have taken the time to answer all of the questions below, you can then perhaps invest in a nice daily journal such as The Five Minute Journal or you can find a journal on Amazon. The questions below have no right or wrong answer, the most important thing is that you are honest with yourself. The more honest that you are with your answers, the more that you will discover about who you are and where you you want to go in your life.


20 Great Questions For Self Discovery

1. How do I feel right now?

2. What would make today great?

3. What am I grateful for in my life? (3 things)

4. What successes did I have this week?

5. What is bothering me?

6. What do I love about myself?

7. What do I need to change about myself?

8. What am I passionate about?

9. How can I improve my physical health?

10. What is the next book that I am going to read?

11. Are my friends a source of inspiration?

12. What does my perfect day look like?

13. What are my biggest strengths?

14. What new skills would I like to learn?

15. What are my short, medium and long-term goals?

16. Where do I want to live? What countries would I like to visit?

17. How can I take care of myself more?

18. What inspires me? (reading quotes, reading my goals, motivational videos etc)

19. What would I like to try, if I knew I could not fail?

20. What do I want to be my legacy? What do I want to be remembered for?