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8 Great Reasons to Drink Water Every Morning

Damien Thomas




Most of us have probably heard the old saying about drinking eight glasses of water every day. But have you ever thought about the importance of drinking water? If you haven’t before, it’s time to start! In fact, research has shown that drinking water in the morning, right after you wake up, has many benefits that not only can make for a better day, but also for a healthier you overall. Let’s take a closer look at eight reasons to drink water in the morning, and what they can do for you.

1. Rehydration

Think about it – if you have slept seven or eight hours throughout the night, your body is probably dehydrated! It doesn’t matter how much water you had the day before, your body becomes somewhat depleted overnight, and it needs to be ‘refilled,’ so to speak. Rehydration will give you instant energy (more than a cup of coffee!), and it will leave you feeling more well rested, so don’t shy away from having a nice glass of water first thing in the morning.

2. It Speeds Up Your Metabolism

Trying to lose or maintain your weight? Have a glass of water in the morning. Think of that first drink of water as fuel for your metabolism. It gets it going first thing, starting it up for the day ahead. Plus, if you drink a glass of water before you eat breakfast, you are less likely to overindulge – a double win if you are watching your weight!

3. You’ll Feel Sharper

When you drink water, you are not only rehydrating your body, but your brain as well. After all, the brain is made up of a lot of water, and overnight, it can get depleted, too. So, by drinking water first thing in the morning, you are hydrating your brain in the best way possible, allowing you to feel mentally sharper and think more clearly throughout the day.

4. It Relieves Constipation

This may not be the most glamorous reason to drink water in the morning, but that does not mean it is not one of the most important ones. Drinking water first thing in the morning can help to encourage bowel movement as it rehydrates your system, allowing you to stay regular day after day, and avoid things like cramps and discomfort.

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5. You Won’t Overeat

I already mentioned this when it comes to steering clear of that extra pastry at breakfast, but starting your day with water can actually help you to feel fuller for longer throughout the morning. So, by the time 10am comes around, you won’t have to reach for an unhealthy snack from the vending machine. You will feel Appetite will be satisfied with the water, and that will likely be able to tide you over until lunchtime.

6. It Helps to Flush Out Toxins

You probably have heard a lot of talk about ‘toxins’ in your body, and while the latest cleansing diet fads may come and go, water is really the one thing that will help to cleanse your body each and every time. Starting your day by drinking water will not only help to flush out the colon and allow it to function at a higher level by purifying it, but it will also help your colon to absorb nutrients better throughout the day. Water will also help to flush out your kidneys and allow them to function at a higher level throughout the day.

7. It Helps To Renew Your Cells

It is pretty amazing to think about renewing your cells every morning, but water can help to do that also! After a long night’s rest, a glass of water first thing in the morning will encourage the production of new, healthy cells in your body. This includes blood and muscle cells, so if you workout in the morning, this can really give you an edge when it comes to not only having more energy, but building up stronger muscles and using them more efficiently. Cell renewal and the production of healthy cells is extremely important, which actually leads us to the final reason why water is so great for you in the morning…

8. You Will Feel Great!

Many people think they can’t get through their morning without a cup of coffee or a big breakfast, and while those things aren’t necessarily bad for you, nothing will give you the energy and focus you need like starting your day with a glass of water. As an added bonus, not only will you feel better, but also you may even look better. Water helps to rehydrate your body from the inside out, and while that includes your organs and muscles, it also includes your skin. Having proper hydration, especially in the morning, can help your skin to have a healthy glow all day long.


Surprisingly enough, the old saying about getting eight glasses of water still rings true today, and we have even more reasons to celebrate the incredible benefits those eight glasses can give us. What’s more, now we can even pinpoint the best time of day to start drinking water. So, tomorrow when you wake up, hold off on the cup of coffee for a few minutes, and fill up a glass with water before you do anything else – your body will thank you for it, and you are likely to notice the difference right away. There is truly no better way to kick start your day.