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5 Concepts If You Want An Abundant Life.




You probably have heard it said that abundance is your birthright but there are days when it feels like ‘struggle’ is more close to the truth.

Here are a few concepts to help you let go of struggle and step more fully into the wealth that is yours already if you will set your mind like flint to make it happen for you.

1. Forgiveness

Are you walking around with a chip on your shoulder? Against specific people in your world or maybe, it is a more generic annoyance with the government, politicians, banks, institutions etc.?

Whatever it is, if you want to create wealth and to live an abundant life, you cannot have this affecting you and getting in the way of you making clear decisions on the next step for you. Unforgiveness fogs the brain and keeps you bound by the person or thing that has made you upset.

It may seem that choosing to forgive is the same as letting them off the hook but really, it is letting YOU off the hook. How long do you want these people or institutions to influence you, your moods, your actions? Because that is what they are doing when you continually choose not to forgive.

It is tough to experience abundance when you are continually on guard against hurtful experiences. Let it go and allow yourself to be free to create wealth powerfully.

2. Take Full Responsibility

If you want to experience abundance, you have to take full responsibility for doing whatever it takes to create it all. Start by defining what you want and then determine whether you are willing to take full responsibility for creating an environment that allows you to create it.

It may include coaches to keep you on the straight and narrow…
It may include books to teach you skills you do not have yet…
It may require you to speak to your family and tell them what you intend to do so that they release you to create it.

Whatever it is, take full responsibility for every single aspect of your life. No one else is to blame for where you are currently and yes, you can have it all as long as you are willing to do what it takes to create it all.

3. Stop People-Pleasing

Most people care too much about the opinion of others. Do you?

They allow it to define what they are allowed to do and most of the time, they do not even realize that this is the case.

So, let me ask you a question: Do you find yourself wondering what your spiritual leader, your colleagues, your boss, your parents will think of you if you take the action you are thinking of taking?


Do you tell yourself that you are just caring for them and it is good to live this way, to care about not offending anyone?


Then can I crash right through your assumptions about what is noble and good to do and help you start the questioning that all highly-functioning leaders and entrepreneurs have to face at some point in their journey.

You can no longer take actions just to keep people happy and you can also no longer allow yourself not to take an action because you think it may not suit some other person in your life.

4. You have a calling, a purpose – Live it Out

Yes, you can make money doing something you are not best suited to but that is not true wealth. It almost always leaves you with a vague sense of dissatisfaction – a feeling that there is more to you than what you are currently doing and being.

Please wake up to the fact that you are here on this planet for a very specific reason and you, pretending to be less than what you really are, means that your purpose is not being fulfilled on the planet.

There is a way to do work that you are best suited for…

You just have to decide that you will.

5. Be Fearless

Fear is another major limit to most people, to ‘norms’ as I call them. Fear can be the reason ‘norms’ do not do the work they are designed to do. In primitive times, fear was a useful emotion to get you out of all kinds of trouble but now, in this century, it is a reason many use not to create wealth.

Everyone experiences fear but it does not have to stop you.

You can feel the fear and move forward anyway. No, it does not feel easy to do but you must do it if you want your life to stand for something other than a fear-based, small existence.

How can you apply this in your life and business to this year?