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40 Habits To Live An Extraordinary Life

Damien Thomas




While there is nothing wrong with being ordinary, there comes many rewards by raising your game and living an extraordinary life. Our habits, our actions and our daily positive or negative self talk, all play a huge part in what we are and who we will become.
Why settle for an ordinary life when you have the choice to live a wonderful life and you can have a positive effect on both yourself and the people around you that you care about.


“ Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” ~ Jim Rohn


Do you know the difference between living an ordinary life and an extraordinary life? Yes, you got it, that little ‘extra.’ It doesn’t take a complete change for you to start living the life you deserve. All it takes is a change of mindset to actually want to raise your standards and your life.


“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” ~ Brian Tracy


Faced with the choice of living an ordinary life or an extraordinary one, what will you choose?


Starting from today, I would love if you made the decision to live a life of purpose and passion for yourself and the people around you.


Here are 40 wonderful habits to start living an extraordinary life.


Enjoy the journey.

Habits To Live An Extraordinary Life


1. Decide to take action today.

2. Decide to be successful.

3. Say, “Thank you.” More often.

4. Stop complaining.

5. Be kind.

6. Let mistakes of the past go.

7. Let life happen around you.

8. Be more efficient with your time.

9. Be an expert.

10. Stop defending yourself.

11. Like yourself more.

12. Work on being more patient.

13. See the best in others.

14. Donate time to charity.

15. Share what you have learned.

16. Care more.

17. Inspire others.

18. Be a friend.

19. Love someone.

20. Have a dream.

21. Get up an earlier.

22. Write down your thoughts.

23. Cry when you are hurt.

24. Wake up with a purpose.

25. Be less selfish.

26. Be optimistic.

27. Believe in something.

28. Don’t do anything halfway. 

29. Ask for help.

30. Tell the truth. 

31. Get more exercise. 

32. Decide not to get angry.

33. Try new ideas.

34. Don’t give up.

35. Make a list of your goals.

36. Find answers to your questions.

37. Offer encouragement.

38. Do things for the right reasons.

39. Be a good example.

40. Celebrate your wins.

I would love for you to share any other positive habits in the comments below that you think will help other readers of this article.