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The Ultimate 10 Minute Morning Routine

Damien Thomas



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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel tired and exhausted? Do you reach for the snooze button on your alarm for just a few more minutes in bed? Or do you get out of bed ready to greet the day full of energy and positivity?

Imagine if you could follow a simple 10 minute morning routine that would have you feeling positive, motivated, stress free and full of energy! What I am about to share with you will do just that. You don’t have to wake up two hours before you go to work to have a great morning routine.

I have tried numerous morning routines and they just never did it for me. Sure, my mornings became more productive, but I always felt exhausted by around 9pm. I decided to simplify and condense my morning routine to just 10 minutes. I now enjoy waking up every morning knowing that I am going to feel fantastic for the rest of the day. Try the following morning routine for two or three weeks and see how you feel.

1. Meditate and Clear Your Mind

Meditation is a wonderful way to start your day and get into the right mind-set. Instead of rushing around your house getting ready for work and running out of the door, imagine instead sitting calmly for two minutes, clearing your head of any stresses and troubles that might be bothering you.

Focusing on your breath and meditating for a few minutes will help you to relax your body, calm your mind and feel all of your stresses fade away. I love to use a Tibetan singing bowl for two minutes in the morning and let my mind drift away to the wonderful calming sounds that it makes.




2. Use A Journal

In terms of productivity tools, it is hard to beat a journal. Begin by spending two minutes to read your short, medium and long-term goals of the future that are written in your journal to inspire you. Next, write down some must-do tasks for the day ahead. And finally, get any of your thoughts, feelings and ideas that you have down on paper. Once you start the habit of journaling you will look forward to this wonderful part of your morning routine.

3. Say Positive Affirmations

Saying two or three of your favorite positive affirmations as a part of your morning routine is a powerful way to positively rewire your brain and your mindset. Affirmations are a great way of filling yourself full of self-belief and confidence. Repeating your favorite affirmations for just two minutes is also a powerful way to remind yourself of the amazing person that you are and all of the wonderful things that you are capable of.

4. Read

Take two minutes to read a passage from your favorite book or read some inspiring quotes to help lift your spirit. Get into the positive habit of picking up a book instead of your phone or remote control. Why not share a great quote in the morning with your friends and spread some positivity with the people around you.

5. Move and Get Your Heart Pumping

Finally, spend just two minutes doing some push-ups, jumping jacks, planks or whatever will get your heart pumping. Just a few minutes of exercise will help to release some mood boosting serotonin in your brain. Including some light exercise in your morning routine is also a great way to loosen up those stiff muscles and joints and will have you feeling alert, focused and wide awake.

Coupled with a good nights sleep from the night before, a nice shower and a healthy breakfast, the ultimate morning routine will have you feeling positive and full of energy. I hope that you make the Ultimate 10 Minute Morning Routine a part of your daily ritual?
Give it a try for a few weeks and just see how great you will feel.