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One Day Or Day One! Kicking Procrastination To The Curb



Kicking Procrastination To The Curb

Most people will probably say that they would like to get more accomplished every day and stop procrastinating so much. Unfortunately, this can often seem to be easier said than done. For a lot of us, procrastination almost seems to be a part of our daily routine. We tend to put things off what we see as unimportant, or perhaps less important than other tasks.

This inaction can often lead to stress later on when that ‘unimportant task’ comes to the forefront of what you really need to get done.

Procrastination may have worked back in school when you had to finish up a paper in the last minute. But in the adult world, not taking action and getting essential tasks done can really hold you back from reaching your full potential and achieving your goals.

Taking action may not always seem easy, but when you stop procrastinating and start actively working towards your small daily goals, you will be able to eventually accomplish larger and more purposeful goals in your life. Most people who avoid procrastination and take action do so with certain strategies in place. Let’s take a look at a few of these strategies that will help you take more action and kick procrastination to the curb.

Don’t Overthink It

Very often, we put off doing something because the more we think about it, the more overwhelming it can first seem. Even the most basic tasks can start to feel like giants when we give them too much power. Many of us tend to be perfectionists with the things we do, which sometimes causes us to over think and then over-plan.

While a planning your day doesn’t hurt, over-planning can take too much time and allow you to become stressed about what you have to accomplish. Don’t be afraid of failure or rejection by getting something done without a detailed plan in mind. Rejection will sometimes happen and even failure will occur occasionally. These are facts of life that you will face, no matter what. It is better to put yourself out there and work towards your goals rather than always wondering ‘what if’ and turn these small tasks into giant mountains in your mind.

One Day Or Day One! Kicking Procrastination To The Curb

Begin With the Hardest Task

Whether you make out a list to plan your day, or you already know what you have to get done, we often put off the hardest thing as long as possible. Instead, make your toughest task the first thing you accomplish each day?

The more you think about a difficult task, the more it can weigh you down throughout the day. Maybe it is something that scares you or something you are not overly skilled at. Push through it anyway, as early in the day as possible. It will help to clear out a big chunk of your mental ‘to-do’ list, and will likely give you a huge boost of motivation to complete your other tasks throughout the day.

Change Up Your Environment

Take a look at the environment that you surround yourself in each day. Is it a place that makes you feel productive? If your work space is distracting or too comfortable, it can be easy to feel unmotivated. Create a space for yourself that encourages productivity, inspiration and action. Don’t be afraid to change your scenery every once in awhile to keep that inspiration fresh. Getting too comfortable in our surroundings can make it easy to relax in our goals for the day.

One Day Or Day One! Kicking Procrastination To The Curb

Make It Hard On Yourself

One of the reasons many people procrastinate so much is because we make it easy to do so. Much like your work environment can affect your productivity, so too can the distractions you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

We live in a world full of daily distractions, and it is easier now than ever before to get caught up in them. Unfortunately, it is also extremely easy to get caught up in them for long periods of time. Maybe you start out watching a video on YouTube, only to get distracted by watching three or four more. Before you know it, a huge chunk of time can pass you by.

The key is to identify what distracts you throughout the day. Is it talking to co-workers? Playing around on your phone? Having too many tabs open on your web browser that doesn’t deal with work? Distractions are different for everyone. The sooner you can identify your time wasters, the harder you can make it on yourself to get sucked into them. For example, you can block certain websites from your computer if they are taking up your time. Or, you can hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your office door for several hours a day to avoid interruptions from fellow employees.

When you make it hard on yourself to be distracted, you are more likely to be able to zone in on what you need to do and stay focused.

Make Your Goals Clear…Today!

It is not uncommon to create goals for ourselves. Almost everyone has accomplishments that they would like to reach, no matter how big or small. Far too often, however, we don’t take the time to re-evaluate and update those goals. This allows us to become stagnant in what we are doing and doesn’t push us to move forward faster.

If you outgrow your goals, that’s perfectly fine! In fact, it is normal and can be really exciting, because it encourages further growth. But, you have to change and amend your goals to reflect that. Otherwise, you will stay in the same place for far too long, and not accomplish anything. While that may not seem like a big deal at first, if you don’t feel as though you have a sense of achievement, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy or depression.

8 Thіngѕ Suссеѕѕful Pеорlе Never Wаѕtе Time Doing

By developing some unique habits and putting some of the strategies in this article into play, you can overcome procrastination. I have found that using the wonderful 5 Minute Journal has helped me to keep on track with my daily tasks. You don’t have to be held back by your own distractions, you just have to make a decision on what you’re going to do, and take action on that decision today. Is it always going to be easy? No. But putting these strategies into place every single day will help to give you the tools and resources to overcome the pitfalls of procrastination, and reach your wonderful goals sooner.


6 Reasons Why You Should Create A Bucket List



Reasons Why You Should Create A Bucket List

The term ‘bucket list’ has become quite popular in recent years. It has been used in pop culture references and as a casual topic of conversation when someone wants to do something. Chances are, you have heard someone say, “Oh, that’s on my bucket list!” But, a bucket list is more than just a fantasy, an out of reach dream or an excuse to say that you want to do many things, only to never follow through on them.

There are actually many benefits to creating a bucket list, if you just put in the time, the thought and the dedication into it. Making a bucket list is a perfect way to set your life goals and to stay focused on making them a reality. Still not 100% convinced? Let’s take a look at six reasons why you really should create a bucket list. Maybe, by the end of this article, you will be ready to put together one of your very own.

1. It Gives You a Purpose

While putting together a bucket list won’t tell you what the meaning of your life is, it can help to give you a purpose to your life. A bucket list should be more about the major goals that you have for yourself, rather than a bunch of fun little things that you might want to do. A bucket list gives you something to get out of life and allows you to stay focused while you are doing it.

Have you ever been bored, wondering what you’re going to do this weekend to fill up your free time? A bucket list can give you that answer, encouraging you to always work towards the things that you truly want to do and experience in life.

2. It Brings Your Goals to Life

As stated above, a bucket list should be about exciting goals that you have for yourself. But, it is also an opportunity to hone in on those goals. Many people have ambitions and even make goals or resolutions for themselves each year only to be forgotten a few days later. But, when you have a specific list of goals written down, it can help to make you more motivated and focused to achieve them.

Goals are incredibly important to have, and the fact that your bucket list can make those goals clearer and more tangible is really important.

3. You Will Create Lasting Memories

Memories are one of life’s greatest treasures. As you start to accomplish the things on your bucket list, you will also be making wonderful memories each time. Since you are doing the things you really want to do, those memories will bring you comfort, a sense of achievement and give you something positive to look back on and share with others.

Bucket list Create Lasting Memories

4. It Will Pull You Forward

Have you ever been in a “funk” in life, or maybe you have had bouts of feeling down or depressed that have kept you from doing the things you typically enjoy? No one wants to stay in that kind of mindset for long. Because a bucket list can help to give you a sense of purpose, it can also give you the motivation to pull yourself out of a funk. It can call you to do something new, something different, or something that even challenges you. Sometimes, that’s all a person needs to be pulled out of a tired or depressed state.

Additionally, doing something on your bucket list will help to distract you for a while. That can be a great solution for someone who has anxiety or tends to focus too much on the negative things in life. Sometimes, a distraction can be a welcomed reprieve.

5. You Will Experience Life-Long Learning

When you commit yourself to having new experiences, you are also committing yourself to learning something new. So many people think that learning stops when you finish school, but you can learn so much more simply by living and trying more new things throughout your life. People who embrace this type of lifestyle are called “lifelong learners”. The reality is this; you will never be able to learn everything there is to know. But, because all of us have such a short time on this planet to figure things out, the more experiences we participate in, the more that we will learn and grow. Not only can a bucket list help you to learn things about different cultures, skills, situations, people and personalities.

It can also help you to learn more about yourself. Closing your mind off to the idea of lifelong learning will cause you to become stagnant with your thoughts and your growth. As a human being, you should have a desire to continue to grow and achieve as much as you possibly can throughout your life. Working through your bucket list can help you to achieve that.

Bucket List For Life long Learning

6. You Will Never Run Out of Things to Do

If you sit down to make a bucket list, you might write down anywhere from 10-100 things that you really want to do. But, it doesn’t have to stop there. Chances are, as you start to work through some of the things on your list, you will come up with more ideas.

Experiencing new things, and even challenging things, is a great way to get inspired and motivated to continue on that trend. A bucket list can truly be never-ending as you come up with more exciting new ideas and goals for yourself.

Building Your Bucket List and Bettering Your Life

There are so many additional reasons why you should create a bucket list for yourself. Remember, a bucket list is a very personal thing, and the experiences you put on the list should be things that you truly want to do or accomplish. Don’t make them  so unrealistic that you will never plan on committing to. Instead, promise yourself that you will immerse yourself in those experiences.

A bucket list might be something you create to accomplish things before you pass on, but in creating one and diving into new experiences, there is a good chance you will feel more alive than ever!

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