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The Top 8 Most Important Things in Life

Damien Thomas



The Top 8 Most Important Things in Life

It is easy for people to speculate and debate about the most important things in life. You have probably heard that “the best things in life are free” or that “love is all you need”, but what about what are the most important? What do you really need in this life in order to find contentment and fulfillment?

In this digital era of social media, Likes, Shares, and technology, it can sometimes be hard to see the important things that should be getting more of our focus on a daily basis. With that in mind, let’s look at what in my opinion, are the top 8 most important things in life.

1. Your Health

This is at the top of the list for a reason. Your health should always be one of your top priorities. It is what will allow you to keep going, to stay motivated, and to help others along the way.

Taking care of your health includes everything from eating right and staying active to focusing on your mental health with things like meditation and mindfulness. Paying attention to your health can reduce your risk of diseases, lower stress, and give you more energy. Make a commitment to improve your health, you will be so glad that you do.

2. Your Family and Friends

Surrounding yourself with a support system of people who care about you and love you (and whom you love and care about in return) can be so fulfilling. The love of family members is unlike any other.

Though your siblings might get on your nerves sometimes, you know that you will always be there for each other, and there is a comfort in knowing that. Sometimes, certain friends can feel more like family than those who you are related actually related to. Life is better when it is shared with others. Family and friends can keep you from feeling lonely and isolated and can help to boost your overall happiness.

3. Love

Love may not be “all you need,” but it should certainly be a big part of your life. That doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love, either. Love is often the driving force in life that can help you to feel connected with others.

But, it can also play a big role in your hobbies, your career, and your passion to try new things. Try to look at the world through the lens of love. Doing so, allows you to embrace things more freely, and appreciate your experiences.

4. Having a Passion

Everyone has dreams, ambitions, and goals in life. Some might be small, while others might seem unattainable at times. But, the passion you have for these things is what will drive you through life. Having a passion for something can not only help you to find joy, but it can allow you to bring joy to others in the process, too.

5. What You Learn

Education is incredibly important for a more fulfilling life. But, that can look different for everyone. Obviously, you will learn a lot by going to school and even if you choose to continue your education as an adult. But, you can also choose to become a “lifelong learner.”

Not everything is learned through a textbook or in a classroom, so be open to trying new things, taking on new challenges, and learning something new more often. It will help you from becoming stagnant, and you might even discover new things about life that you never expected.

6. Time

While time itself is something you cannot control, you can absolutely control what you do with it. Every single person on earth is only given a certain amount of time. Making the most of it is one of the best things you can do to truly feel content.

For some people, that means creating schedules and sticking to routines. For others, it means leaving each day without knowing what might happen and taking on new experiences as much as possible. The important thing is not to take time for granted. Instead, choose to take advantage of every second that you are given.

7. Food and Water

Water is the most basic need of the human body. So much so, that 60% of our bodies are actually made up of water! Drinking enough throughout the day will not only help to keep you physically healthy, but it can boost your energy and help you to stay more focused too.

Feeding your body properly is also important. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy indulgences every now and then. But, think of the food you eat as fuel for your life; what you put in you’ll likely get out. Nourishing yourself properly will allow you to stay stronger, healthier, and live more fully.

8. Rest

In this busy world where everything seems to be moving at an unsustainable pace, so many people aren’t getting enough rest. Studies have shown that the average person needs about 7-8 hours of sleep each night in order to function at their best. Unfortunately, not many people actually get that much sleep.

Getting enough rest each day helps your mind and body to repair themselves. A lack of sleep can lead to things like weakness and fatigue, as well as a lack of focus and difficulty concentrating. You simply can’t live your best life if you’re overly tired. Make rest a priority, even if it means creating a nightly routine to help you sleep or going to bed earlier.

Again, it is easy to debate what the most important things in life really might be. One thing is certain, as you can see from this list; the best things in life truly are free.

It is not about having material possessions or having more than your neighbor. It is about looking internally to determine what you need to do to find peace, comfort, and contentment.