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How To Be More Productive While Working From Home



Be More Productive While Working From Home

Many people dream of the chance to be able to skip the daily commute to the office for the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own home. Indeed, more and more people are now working from home than ever before.

Thanks to modern technology and changes in business, more companies now give their employees the option to work from home on either a part or full-time basis. There is also a substantial growth in the number of freelancers and home business owners who have decided to swap the office for the more appealing laptop lifestyle. While working from home might at first seem like a dream come true, in reality, unless you have a good system in place, your productivity and indeed your health could suffer.

The key to a more productive work-from-home experience is to create an environment and routine that allows you to focus on your daily tasks, keeps your productivity levels high while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

So, whether you are working from home for the first time or you are looking for some useful tips for creating a more productive and healthy work routine from home, here are some tips that I have found really helpful.

Morning Routine (journal, fuel, mindset)

I always recommend using a journal as part of a morning routine. Starting your day using a Journal is a great way of putting you into a positive and productive mindset while also planning out your day ahead. To begin, start by writing three things that you are grateful for! This list is endless; examples might include our health, our home and the people around us. Once you get into this daily habit of having an attitude of gratitude, you will be happier and you will also attract more things in your life to be grateful for. The Five Minute Journal is a great, easy to use journal to help get you started with this powerful habit. I have being using these simple but very effective journals for many years with great effect.

To help keep your mind focused and also give you the energy that you need to work at an optimum level, you need to stop skipping breakfast. The modern day habit of grabbing our favorite coffee beverage instead of having the most important meal of the day has lead to that all too familiar mid day slump. Simply having a bowl of cereal or a delicious smoothie will control your blood sugar levels and give you the energy you will need to perform your daily tasks at a higher level. Remember to also drink plenty of water throughout the day to help you stay hydrated and focused.

Take just a few minutes each morning to read some inspirational quotes or empowering affirmations. This is another great morning habit to put you into a more positive mindset before you start work.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Just because you are not working at the office, doesn’t mean you can’t have a dedicated office space at home. This could mean having a table and chair or simply a place on the couch and a coffee table. Having a work space that has plenty of fresh air, natural light and is comfortable are key for an more productive work from home lifestyle.

Take Breaks And Move

Give yourself enough time throughout the day to take a break away from your work space. Brendon Buchard, the author of the best selling book, High Performance Habits recommends that you take at least one standing break per hour when working or during times when you are sitting? Brendon recommends taking a few minutes every hour to walk around or do some light stretching. Research has also shown that taking short breaks can actually increase productivity and creativity levels.

Take Breaks And Move

Avoid Distractions

While you don’t need to shut yourself off completely from everyone at home, limiting the number of distractions that you have is important if you want to be more productive. Having a dedicated internet browser for work is a simple, yet good idea. By only displaying job-related bookmarks will help to keep you more focused and productive. I like having some music in the background, while some people highly recommend using noise cancelling earphones. These can help keep out the sounds of a television in another room, kids playing, the door bell ringing and other noises that might distract you.

Create A Daily To-Do List

Write down what needs to be done for the day ahead, then number each task in order of priority. When your day is done, transfer anything that you didn’t accomplish to the next day’s list to ensure that all of your tasks get completed. When making your daily to do list, you can use simply use a blank sheet of paper, a notebook or one of the many productivity Apps available. I recommend the popular and very easy to use Trello App.

Create A Daily to-Do List

Set Work Hours

Depending on the type of work that you do at home. You should try to keep to a set routine. You should also plan for breaks and meals during the day. Taking regular breaks from work to eat and switch off are integral parts of keeping you productive. I have a small morning break and then an hour afternoon break. I use this time to go to another room, eat, check my personal emails, browse the internet and perhaps use social media. Over time you will know when you are most productive, try to build your work schedule around your peak productivity periods. Remember, work-life balance is key to a more productive and enjoyable work from home routine.

Leave The House

Leaving your house on a regular basis is good for your health and will also help boost your creativity and productivity. Simply taking a 10-minute walk around the block during the day is a great way to freshen up and encourage the flow of new ideas. In the evening after I have finished work, I like to go for a brisk walk in the local park. This helps me to clear my head and improve my fitness.

Final Word

Working from home can be a major adjustment and it can certainly be difficult if you are not prepared for its challenges. The tips above have helped me be more productive while working at home and I am sure that they will help you too.


8 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do



Things Mentally Strong People Dont Do

You have probably heard before that one of the keys to success is to focus on your strengths. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with expanding on the things that you are already good at, you could be missing an important ingredient in your life that might be holding you back:

Not focusing on your weaknesses.

No one wants to think about the things they struggle with, but think about it this way; you can work hard by adding new, healthy habits to your life. But, if you are ignoring the ‘bad’ habits or the things that are weakening you, you will never reach your full potential. Those habits can work against your mental strength. Mentally strong people don’t do certain things, and don’t fall into some of these habits. With that in mind, let’s look at eight things mentally strong people don’t do, so you can start to shed some of your own habits that might be holding you back.

1. Waste Time on Their Sorrows

Mentally strong people don’t sit around feeling sorry for themselves, no matter what their circumstances may be. Failures and setbacks will happen. It is how you respond to them that will make a difference. Exaggerating your problems or throwing a pity party will only make things worse. Choose to have a more positive attitude even in times of struggle in order to boost your mental fitness.

2. Feel Like a Victim

When you tell yourself that other people have a direct impact on how you feel, you are giving them the power and taking it away from yourself. For example, if you believe that your boss ruins your day, you are giving them the power. You are playing the victim. You cannot choose what happens to you in a day but you can choose your attitude towards it. Take back the power in your own life and don’t let others steal it from you.

3. Try to Prevent Change

Change happens whether we like it or not. Mentally strong individuals don’t shy away from change. Rather, they focus on their ability to adapt. The more you can adapt to change with a positive attitude, the more you will be able to encourage change and growth within yourself. Don’t get stuck in your old ways, especially when change can make things better.

4. Worry About Things Out of Their Control

Things will happen every day that you cannot control. Mentally strong people don’t waste their time or energy worrying about those things, because there is simply no point. Again, the only thing you can really control is your attitude and reaction in response to different situations – whether they are good or bad. Wasting your energy worrying over things that are out of your hands will only deplete you, and make you feel weaker.

5. Try to Please Everyone

It is human nature to want people to like you and accept you. Unfortunately, it is impossible to please everyone all of the time. If you spend all of your energy trying to make everyone else happy while ignoring your own needs, you are going to burn out quickly. Plus, it is a fruitless effort, because there will always be someone who will be unsatisfied. Others might even start to take advantage of you if they know that you will do whatever they want. While it is good to care for others, don’t try to please everyone, and make sure to focus on what you need, too.

6. Stay Stuck in the Past

Getting stuck in the past can prevent you from moving forward and growing. Everyone has experiences they might like to forget or things from their past that can be hard to get over. While you can learn from the past, you don’t have to dwell on it. Choose to find peace with your own past and accept the things that it taught you. Use those lessons as you look toward your future and make the most of the present.

7. Get Jealous About the Success of Others

You should never resent someone who finds success. This habit can lead to more negative thinking, and you might even start to criticize yourself even more. When you start to stir up feelings of jealousy or resentment, you are taking your focus away from your own success. That uses a lot of energy and can cause you to become mentally weak. Stay committed to reaching your own level of success without resenting how other people might have achieved theirs. We all view success differently, so concentrating on your own goals and dreams without being envious of others will help you to stay focused.

8. Expect Instant Gratification

Typically, the best things in life take time. When you are trying to grow as an individual, it takes time. You can’t expect overnight changes, results and success. Doing so will result in nothing but frustration, and you might be tempted to give up. Will you experience setbacks in your mental growth? Yes. But, you can use them as learning experiences and become even stronger as you move forward. The stronger you become, mentally, the more resilient you will also become to those hardships. So, when they keep coming up in life, you will be able to handle them more effectively each time.

Anyone can become mentally stronger. Like any other muscle, it takes time, effort, and dedication to increase your mental fitness. So, while you should pay attention to your strengths, you also should not ignore your weaknesses. By working on those weaknesses, you can improve your mental strength and get rid of the things that could be confining your success.

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As a society, when we think of strength, we tend to think of physical strength. This is because we can see tangible ways to build physical strength. You go to the gym, you lift weights, you push yourself, etc. But, mental strength is just as important (if not more important) than its physical counterpart. (more…)

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