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8 Surprising Benefits Of Showing More Gratitude.

Damien Thomas




We all know, or have at least heard of, the Law of Attraction and The Attitude of Gratitude but how many of us still haven’t quite got the hang of it? We certainly know that it truly is the only way to live to bring good things to your life and who doesn’t want good things? But it’s more than just *things* in the material world.

In this day and age of “work hard, pay down credit card debt, deal with high mortgage rates, fear of layoffs etc., it’s certainly hard to stay grateful but this is exactly the time when we must practice the attitude of gratitude. Here are some of the surprising benefits of maintaining this attitude.

Less stressed.

Yes, you read that right. The more grateful you are, the happier you are which in turn, results in less stress. When you take even one minute to be grateful for the credit card company, and the things you were able to use it for, you will realize how very blessed you are. As soon as that happens, you are literally able to relax more.

You become happier.

Really, you do. Yes, you might have debt, and you might have just got laid off or maybe you are currently in a low paying job but you just know the more gratitude you feel, the sooner the universe will conspire to bring you more things to be grateful for, better things. Knowing this brings you great joy.

More energy.

Hard to imagine being happy and less stressed without an abundance of energy. When we are stressed, we feel down and don’t really feel like going anywhere or doing anything. On the other hand, when we feel happier and less stressed, we naturally feel more energetic.

Contagious attitude.

People love being with people who are happy and actually can feed off this happiness and energy. They want to know how, why and what’s your secret to this happiness. When you tell them, and they realize how easy it is to be happy, they will quickly adopt this practice too. Gratitude can definitely be contagious and the more you share it with others, the more it will get shared.

You’ll be healthier.

How so? Well, you won’t be so stressed, which eliminates a lot of the issues that come with that: heart and stroke risk, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, etc. and because you’ll be happier, you won’t need the doctor as much.

It’s proven that happier people have less health issues. You’ll sleep better, you’ll be more productive throughout the day, you probably even exercise regularly because you are grateful for your health and want to maintain it.

Better job performance.

You may not love your job and it may not be the best job in the world, but you are certainly very grateful for it and because you are happy to be employed, you are a good worker and do your absolute best.

The best part of that? The boss notices that too. you aren’t hanging around the printer complaining to your co-workers about your horrible job. You are skipping along quite joyfully, happy to have a job.

Jealousy doesn’t happen very often if even at all.

You aren’t jealous of your neighbour for having a bigger house or your friend for getting a new car. You are just as happy for them as they are. Gratitude means being grateful for everything you have regardless of how big or small it is and you don’t feel the need to ever compare what you have with anyone else. You are perfectly content with your things.

Helps improve self confidence/worth/esteem.

Because we are in a constant state of gratitude, we happen to happier, more people are drawn to us, we are less stressed and we undeniably just feel better about ourselves and life. Things in our life are good, all things. Our work, our relationships, our health, our spirituality and our emotions. How can we not feel good about ourselves?

Clearly, being grateful doesn’t just bring stuff, it brings great joy and a great life. Are you practicing gratitude in your life? It’s really simple. Start by saying thank you, for everything, all the time, daily. With a little practice, it will become second nature.