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8 Signs Your Guardian Angel is With You!

Damien Thomas



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People have beliefs in many different things – some people call on the universe for guidance and help, while others believe in good karma when it comes to positive things coming their way. Others believe in a higher spiritual being to guide them in their day to day lives and many people believe in the presence of guardian angels. Most people who believe in guardian angels will say that they have one particular guardian angel watching over them.

With so much interest in guardian angels and their possible presence in our lives, I have put together these 8 signs your Guardian Angel is with you, all you have to do is just pay attention to a few important signs.

1. Dare to Dream

Many people believe in the presence of spirits and angels through dreaming. Dreaming is said to be a type of connection to another realm, and a way for the soul to connect with that realm. If you have a dream about your guardian angel, they simply might be trying to tell you that they are there, or they may have a message for you. It is not always easy to remember our dreams, so if you have a dream about your angel, try to recall it right away upon waking.

2. A Specific Scent

Though we may not physically see our guardian angels, it does not mean we can’t use our other senses to know that they are there. Scent is a huge factor when it comes to this, as many people believe a ‘sweet’ smell is a sign of a guardian angel. Or, if you feel your angel is a specific person from your life, perhaps you smell their cologne or perfume when they are near.

3. Feathers

Feathers, specifically white feathers, have been connected with the presence of guardian angels for a long time. It is a sign of peace, hope, love, and coincidentally gives the idea of ‘wings’ from an angel. It is a small token, but it can mean so much to a person needing reassurance of an angel’s presence.


4. Children & Animals See Something

Has your baby ever randomly looked off into the distance, or a corner of a room to start ‘talking’ with someone? Maybe they start giggling or cooing? Or, perhaps your pet acts as though there is a presence in the room. It has been said that children and animals have an innate sense that we don’t always have as adults, and can pick up on spiritual activity, or perhaps even ‘see’ angels in ways we cannot.

5. Angel Numbers

If you’ve never heard of ‘angel numbers,’ they are commonly referred to as magical numbers that repeat themselves, which you might see over and over again. Many people associate ‘11:11’ on a clock as a number of luck. However, if you keep seeing it over and over again, it could very well be your angel. Any series of numbers works this way, so be sure to pay close attention to special numbers in your life that keep showing up in random places. It could be more than just a coincidence.


6. A Change in Temperature

Those who believe in ghosts will say that the temperature drops significantly when a spirit is around. But, that is not always the case when it comes to angels. In fact, many times, those who feel that they are in the presence of their guardian angel will feel a certain warmth coming over them. Be aware of quick changes in temperature that may happen only to you, and not to others around you. It can be a message from your angel, letting you know that they are watching over you in that very moment.

7. Feeling of Their Presence

This may seem somewhat obvious, but many people associate their guardian angel being around by actually feeling their presence. It can be sometimes hard to explain, but it could be described by anything from the hairs on your arm standing up, to a feeling of being held onto. Sensing a presence around you from an angel can provide you with a feeling of security, warmth, and peace. It is different for everyone, but try to recognize the feeling when it comes, and appreciate it for what it might be.

8. Look to the Clouds

It can be fun to gaze up at the clouds when you are a kid, and see what shapes you can find. But, how often do you look at the clouds as an adult? Have you ever glanced up to find shapes and images that really catch your eye? There is a good chance that’s your angel checking in on you. Be on the lookout for things that appear to be flowers, or hearts, or perhaps even shapes that might hold a special meaning for you. It’s a simple way for your angel to say ‘hello,’ as long as you take the time to look up at notice.


Though many of these small signs are subtle, they can be extremely important and have a strong impact to those affected by them. If you have been searching for a sign from your guardian angel, don’t be afraid to stop, look, and listen. Sometimes, these signs can pass us by without us even realizing, so it is important to be as intuitive as possible. If you feel as though your angel is reaching out to you in any of these ways, don’t take it for granted, and don’t be so quick to dismiss it. They could be giving you the message, or the greeting that you have been looking for.