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7 Day Step By Step Manifesting Plan

Damien Thomas





Using the power of The Law of Attraction in short bursts is a great way to make manifestation a less overwhelming and more enjoyable process. We can sometimes tend to feel more comfortable when we set daily and weekly tasks for ourselves, rather than focusing solely on a bigger long term goals . When you are able to set your intentions on short range goals, it can really help to increase your focus on those specific goals, and your energy towards them.

The best part? By the end of a week, you will have accomplished enough daily tasks to truly see some tangible results. Being able to see these results can be incredibly gratifying, and will likely get you ready to set up another manifestation plan for the following week.

So, how can you get started? It is really easier than you might think. This article will break down each day of the week, and what you can do to accomplish your goals and manifest something important to you. You may be surprised at how just a little time spent each day can add up to really impressive results.

Day 1: What Will I Manifest?

You probably already have many things in mind when it comes to what you would like to manifest, but choose one each week. Surround your first day with it by really focusing on what you want from this particular manifestation, and why. It needs to be something that will get you feeling excited for the whole week, so make sure it’s important enough to you to stay motivated.

A good rule of thumb is to choose something small. Again, small goals can add up to some really big results, while larger ones can sometimes make us feel overwhelmed. Some examples of small goals might include:

  • Wanting to get recognized for a project at work
  • Getting asked out on a date
  • Having a stranger strike up a conversation with you
  • Start feeling better about yourself by exercising

If it is something you can feel passionate about all week long, these seemingly simple goals can be achievable by the end of the week. Once you have your manifestation in mind, you are ready to move onto the next day with full focus.

Day 2: Linking Positive Affirmations

Once you have your manifestation in mind, come up with a list of positive affirmations to tell yourself throughout the week. For example, “I’m going to start feeling great about myself by exercising.” They should be simple declarative statements that allow you to focus your energy on this one specific goal.

As a bonus, you can even tell others about your manifestation using these affirmations, but in doing so, choose people who will be encouraging and supportive.

Day 3: See It Happening

On the third day, create a visual picture of what your manifestation will look like. Visualization does not need to be just in your head. You can create a vision board, draw it out, etc. Any words or pictures that represent your goal should be at the front of your mind, so you can put them onto paper as visual reminders throughout the day. Consider it also as a ‘brainstorming’ session for your manifestation. This will also allow you time to focus more of your thoughts and energy on this particular day towards reaching your ultimate goal.

Manifesting Plan


Day 4: Keep Believing

On day four, try acting as though your manifestation has already happened. Some people call this acting “as if.”

If your goal is to get recognized for a project at work, try feeling that appreciation and recognition already. Tell yourself your work doesn’t go unnoticed, and that people pay attention to the success of your projects. Don’t lose hope on the idea that your goal will actually occur. But, by believing you already have it, you can put yourself in the proper mindset to get through the rest of the week and stay on task.

Day 5: Be Grateful

As the week starts to wind down, take the idea of believing that your manifestation will happen, and modify it slightly by thinking of the wonderful things you already have in your life. Focus on being grateful for these ideas and situations, and how they have made a positive impact in your life.

For example, you could be grateful for the fact that you got a promotion last month, or a bonus. If you want gratitude for a job well done, think about other ways in which that has already happened, and focus on how grateful and positive that makes you feel.

On this fifth day of manifesting your intentions, take as many of those grateful connections as possible and create a list for yourself. Try to come up with at least five areas of gratitude relating to your manifestation goal. This will allow you to focus your energy on the potential to make your current manifestation a reality. It can keep you going strong for the rest of the week!

Manifesting Plan

Day 6: Be Open-Minded

On this day, seek out opportunities to achieve success. It is important to be open-minded enough to ‘make things happen’ that can help you with your goal. Instead of sitting at your desk each day, hoping someone notices your work, nudge the process along by asking someone for feedback. Or, be forward and ask your boss what they’re looking for in future projects.

There are opportunities everywhere, and many of them can help us to reach our goals quickly – we just have to be willing to look for them, and think outside the box at times. Finding hidden opportunities can even provide you with a greater sense of accomplishment by the end of the week.

Day 7: Reflect On Your Success

At the end of your week, reflect on everything you did to use The Law of Attraction to reach your manifestation, and the goals you achieved. Every week is an opportunity to learn and try different things. If you feel like you could have done certain things better throughout the week, write them down and keep them in mind as you work toward your next intention.

The more you record your ‘data’ throughout the week, the easier (and more interesting) it will be to look back on, not just week-by-week, but over a period of months, or years. You will be able to see how much you have accomplished, and how you did it.