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5 Important Steps To Finding Your Passion

Damien Thomas




When your eyes sparkle when you think of something, or your mind gets excited when you discuss a particular topic, and your heart skips a beat, you know that is your passion.

It can often be the smallest of things that can give us our aim in life; they direct us towards a path that we are destined to walk in the pursuit of our purpose and of our passion.

Look for the clues, they are there, they can be sometimes hidden in small gestures of optimism, positivity and life all around us.

Never judge someone for the passion and lifestyle that they have chosen for themselves, because that may be the reason of their existence and living.

Acquiring success is never sufficient, but by searching for inspiration and motivation for our constant improvement will give us far more meaning and purpose to our lives.

Even in our darkest hours; strength, passion, inspiration and happiness can always be found inside of us; all you need is the eye of an artist, and the heart of a lion to conquer what you are meant to do. Find your purpose and follow your passion!

We all serve a purpose in life, our purpose of earning a living for our family can be one aspect of our lives, but it could never be the sole passion which we should strive and live for.

Most of our lives, our passion goes unheard and untapped because of what society might say, or how the people around us may react. You must take certain steps on a personal journey that will lead you to finding the passion that you have been waiting for all of your life.

The following are five important steps that you should take on your exciting journey to find your purpose and true passion in life.

Go Back To Your Childhood.

Exploring your true self by navigating through the corridors of the past will reveal to you the things you did for happiness and pleasure as a child. Sometimes concealed in those childish acts you will find clues to finding your true passion. Everyone needs to get in touch with their inner child to discover their likes, their choices, their purpose and their passion. Connecting with your past can reveal what you will really love to do the most.

Ask Yourself.

After a complete analysis of your inner child, ask yourself what makes you really happy? What gives your life it’s meaning? Interview yourself; what do you enjoy doing? What are your interests, what are your skills and talents? What makes you really feel alive? Write your thoughts and feelings down on paper and you will find more clues to finding your passion.

Own Yourself

You are unique! Yes you! You have a wonderful blend of talents, strengths, skills and interests. You have something unique and amazing to offer the world. Take ownership and pride in being who you are, and the awesome talents that you possess. Don’t leave them hidden and untapped, believe in yourself and share them with the world.

Believe in Yourself

Start focusing more on what you can do, what you can achieve and what kind of person you have become. Think of all the things that you have accomplished in your life until now.

Make a list of twenty things that you have achieved up until now. Got a high grade in your favorite subject in school, helped in the local community, painted a picture, won a medal in athletics in high school, raised money for charity, trained a new starter in work, decorated your house, traveled to another country. Wrote a short story. Don’t stop until you have a list of twenty accomplishments. Then read over them and see some of the amazing things that you are capable of.

Trust Yourself And Your Journey

Stop hiding behind the curtains of life, and accept yourself as the awesome person that you are, and the passionate person that you want to become. By respecting yourself and trusting your journey only then will you be able to identify your purpose and realize your true passion in life.