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Ten Things Happy, Positive People Do Everyday

Damien Thomas



happy positive people

Chances are, we would all like to be a little happier from time to time, or at least have a more positive outlook on life itself. While it is almost impossible for someone to be happy all of the time, it is likely that you know a few people in your life who simply seem to be happy more often than not, or have a more positive attitude that leads them to that feeling of happiness.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘magic pill’ or even one solid solution, which will make you happy all of the time. However, most happy, positive people have a few particular habits, and they work them into their everyday routine (likely without even realizing most of them!). Take a look at these ten great habits and try to work as many of them into your life as possible for a little added happiness!

1. Break A Sweat

You probably already know that exercise is good for you for a multitude of reasons, from improved overall health to weight management. However, not only does being active help to release endorphin’s, but it can also make you feel more energetic. Even if you don’t necessarily like to exercise, try getting at least a little bit of activity into your day. Even a walk around the block will have you feeling more upbeat!

2. Get enough sleep

Do you ever wake up feeling cranky, and still tired? By the time your fourth cup of coffee still hasn’t worked, you could be in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Happy people generally get enough sleep by listening to their bodies, and they know if they are well rested, and as a result they generally perform better throughout their day.

3. Seize The Day

Shouting out ‘Carpe Diem’ may seem like a cliché, but the truth is, taking full advantage of everyday is a habit most positive people practice. They look at everyday as a new beginning, and a new opportunity, no matter how bad the day before may have been. Every morning is a clean slate, and a new start full of wonderful opportunities.

4. Compliment Someone

We generally think that we will feel the best when someone is complimenting us, but actually giving someone else a genuine compliment (about something other than their looks, what they’re wearing, etc.) can really make you feel great. Plus, you’ll be making someone else’s day, too – what a bonus!

5. Forget ‘Fast’ Food

I am not saying that you need to ditch fast food altogether (though, you might want to for other reasons, but that’s not what this blog is about). Fast food takes on a different meaning here, and happy people have figured out a way to get around it: They savor their meals. We are all busy, and sometimes it can seem hard to grab a decent meal to begin with, leaving us to eat on the go, or eating something portable. By cooking and slowing down, and making meals a part of your day, you are able to relax and savor what you are eating, and really have some quality time to connect with yourself.

6. Slow Down

Just like you should be eating slower, you should also be living at a little slower pace. Again, I am not saying that you should slack off at work, or at home, but take a few minutes each day for yourself to slow down. Step away from your phone, computer or the television and enjoy the world around you. You can literally stop and smell the roses if you want to, or enjoy a cup of coffee in a quiet cafe. Whatever you do, do your best not to rush, or think about how much time you have/don’t have. Instead, give yourself enough time to drift away for a little while.

7. Don’t Live With All Work And No Play

Happy people are actually some of the most motivated people that I know, because they tend to have more energy and more focus. But what they don’t usually have is a constant string pulling them back to their jobs. We all know the importance of hard work, and while you’re actually at work, it’s important to stay focused and do your best. But, when you’re not working, let it go, and enjoy other aspects of your life without worrying about what’s happening at the office, and what you need to get done tomorrow, etc.

8. Don’t Hold A Grudge

This seems like a simple one, but if you are holding a grudge with someone, you know it can be easier said than done. Happier people don’t hold onto grudges – they let it go, and move on to bigger and better things!

9. Set Goals Everyday

If you take some time at the beginning or the end of each day to set exciting goals for the day ahead, you will feel much more positive and accomplished. Make sure to set yourself realistic daily goals – things that you know you can get done and feel good about doing. When you achieve your goals, every day feels more productive!

10. Have An Affirmative Morning

Wake up each day with positive affirmation about yourself. Whether you want to create a personal positive mantra, or simply tell yourself something different and positive each day. Make sure to start every single day with an uplifting affirmation about yourself to set the tone for the entire day.


Again, there may not be a magic pill or even a specific state of mind we can tap into all the time in order to be happy, or think positive. But, there are actions we can take everyday to push ourselves in that direction. Maybe some of these tips will feel awkward at first, if you’re not used to them, but give it a little time, and there’s a good chance you’ll love each and every one – especially when you start to feel more positive, and yes, happier.