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6 Practical Tips To Achieve A Positive Mindset

Damien Thomas



Practical Tips To Achieve A Positive Mindset

When someone tells you to “think positive,” do you find yourself rolling your eyes? Surely, all of life’s problems can’t be solved just by changing the way you think, can they? Well, yes and no. A positive mindset isn’t going to change the problems you face on a daily basis. But, it can change your perspective, which will have an impact on how you deal with those problems and setbacks.

If you don’t know where to start, achieving a positive mindset might be easier said than done. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be something innately within you. There are things you can do to help you think and be more positive on a regular basis. Let’s go over a few practical tips you can start using today to achieve a positive mindset, and to change your perspective on things.

1. Start Journaling

Journaling is one of the easiest habits you can start to improve your mindset and your overall personal development. People journal to help them with everything from weight loss to anxiety, but it can also play a key role in achieving a positive mindset.

You don’t have to be a great writer to start journaling. Simply write down your thoughts, your goals for the day and your accomplishments. As you continue to write, you might start to notice patterns in your thinking or that certain things that trigger negative thoughts, negative self-talk, etc.

When you recognize those negative patterns, you can make active changes. They provide an opportunity to think and speak more positively, and they put you in control.

2. Show More Gratitude

There have been numerous studies on the benefits of showing more gratitude, and most of them have found that the more thankful you are, the better you’ll feel! Think about the last time someone did something genuinely kind for you. Even if it was something small, chances are it made you happy.

When you choose to be grateful for everyday things, you can experience that feeling of positivity all of the time. Wake up and be thankful for the air in your lungs, or the sun in the sky! You will never run out of reasons to show more gratitude in your life.

3. Fill Your Mind With Positive Literature

You have heard the saying “you are what you eat,” but the same could be said for the content that you consume on a regular basis. If you are feeling down, unmotivated, or you are stuck in a negative pattern, read something positive. It could be an uplifting quote, a chapter from your favorite book on personal development, or even a positive affirmation that will lift your spirit.

Sometimes, reading something (especially reading it aloud) can get you out of a negative mindset or cycle and bring you back to a positive way of thinking. Try carrying around a small notebook with you that is filled with positive quotes or affirmations that inspire you, so you can pull it out when you might need it for a positivity boost.

4. Look On the Bright Side

This is more than just an old saying if you truly want to be more positive! The reality is, just about every situation has a silver lining. It can be hard to see at times, and you might need to dig a little deeper to find it, but it’s always there.

Changing your perspective means seeing the bright side, even when things seem dark. Find the humor in any situation possible. Laughter often is the best medicine to fight against negativity. Looking on the bright side is a choice. While it isn’t always an easy one, it’s one anyone can make, and if you’re trying to develop a more positive mindset, it’s one you should actively pursue in times of trouble.

5. Practice Positive Self-Talk

Negative self-talk can harm your self-esteem, damage your sense of self-worth, and cause you to see the world from a dark and gloomy perspective.

You may not even realize it while it is happening, but negative self-talk is dangerous, and it can take some effort to fight back against it. It is often easy to see the worst in ourselves, and when you have a negative mindset it’s even easier to think things that aren’t necessarily true. For example, if you had a bad day at work, you might start to tell yourself that you’re a failure or that you’re worthless, when deep down you know that is just not true.

When you start to hear that little voice creeping in, feeding you negative lies about yourself, replace it with positivity. You could say something like, “I had a bad day today, but I know I’m good at my job.”

6. Surround Yourself With Positive People

If you want to develop a more positive mindset, look at the people around you. Who do you spend most of your time with, and what is their outlook like? Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the people around you could be bringing you down.

If your friends and family members are consistently negative, never have anything positive to say, or they always seem to be complaining, you might need to take a break or limit the amount of time you spend with them.

Instead, try to surround yourself with more positive people. Chances are, you already know some people in your life who always seem to be upbeat and in a good mood. It’s normal to be naturally-drawn to them!

While no one is happy 100% of the time, those with a positive mindset don’t let the things that are bothering them keep them down for long. You can live this way, too, and feel more fulfilled with your everyday life just by changing your perspective and having a more positive mindset. As you can see, it is quite easy to do by using these tips to get started, and kick negativity to the curb!