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6 Healthy Habits That Can Change Your Life

Damien Thomas




We all know that with some simple lifestyle changes can result in a much healthier and better quality of life. A great place to start is by perhaps changing some of your current daily eating and exercising habits. By following a healthier diet comprising of whole grain foods and some foods rich in fiber and protein paired with regular exercise can really help to improve your overall health and well-being.

Here are 6 healthy habits that you can start that can change your life for the better.

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Most of us need to drink more water. 8 glasses of water are recommended for consumption every day. Having a glass of water before meals will help to keep you hydrated and can prevent you from overeating. Water also flushes out toxins from our system leaving us feeling healthy and detoxed.

You can choose to zest up your water by adding some fresh fruits if you find the taste of water alone to be too bland. Here are some great reasons to drink more water.

2. Well Balanced Meals

Plan your meals in advance every day and ensure that they are equally spaced out throughout the day ensuring that you are feeling replenished at all times. Skipping meals can easily lead to overindulging which in turn can result in weight gain when the intention might be to keep off those extra pounds. For example, skipping breakfast can leave you feeling much hungrier later during the day. This can lead to overeating at lunch time or reaching for that unhealthy snack. Also, be careful when going out to eat at a restaurant with friends. Counting your calories does not mean you have to avoid eating your favorite foods, the important thing is to watch your serving size.

Prepare well-balanced meals that contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to keep you feeling strong and healthy. A balanced meal plan will ensure that you consume the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fat and fiber as recommended for your body type.




3. Exercise Regularly

For most people, exercising regularly can be one of the hardest habits to stick too. Those sore muscles and tiredness after the first few days can easily dissuade you from exercising again. However, for a better lifestyle, a healthy diet should be paired with regular exercise. Regular Exercise can be a great reliever of stress. It can also make you feel much better and more confident about yourself. Once you shed those extra few pounds, you will feel more confident and have a much more positive outlook on life. Thinking and feeling positive will help you to keep up regular exercise as a healthy habit.

Regular exercise helps in regulating blood pressure and blood sugar and keeping diseases like cancer, heart diseases and diabetes at bay. Start with some light stretching, walking, skipping and running every morning before perhaps starting a more strenuous routine that will require higher levels of energy and fitness.




4. Eat More Fiber-Rich Foods And Proteins

Instead of having that cup of coffee before rushing out of the house every morning, choose to blend a few fresh fruits and vegetables and create a delicious and healthy smoothie instead. Eating more fruits and vegetables are a great way of boosting your immune system. Have fruit as a snack in between meals as this will keep you energized. Have a salad made of fresh crispy vegetables for lunch or instead why not have some delicious homemade soup with a healthy serving of vegetables in it.

Foods rich in fiber and protein are an ideal addition to your daily meal plans. These healthier alternatives will ensure that you get all of the required vitamins and minerals, keeping you healthy and feeling more energetic.




5. No Processed Sugars

Avoid drinking sodas as these have a lot of sugars hiding in them, which can easily increase your calorie intake every day. Try to avoid those desert-based caffeinated drinks sold at your favorite coffee joint as these also increase your caloric intake as well. Freshly squeezed juices are a much better alternative to frozen bottled ones that contain more concentrate than actual fruit in them. Opt for whole grain cereals as these get broken down to give more energy better than processed wheat found in pastries such as those chocolate-coated donuts we sometimes crave.

6. Cook More, Eat Out Less

Life can get a bit hectic from time to time especially with work, exercise and your daily chores. This may sometimes tempt you to order out more and cook less at home. This can often result in the consumption of more fast unhealthy foods. Cooking at home can help you to spend less money and eat much healthier at the same time. It also allows for you to keep your calorie and nutrition intake in check. Trying out some new and tasty recipes will lead to a much healthier lifestyle and the development of better habits. Cooking for yourself can help you identify which foods keep you energized and which will make you feel sluggish when at work or out and about.




Will you start making some small healthy changes to your daily routine? Having more energy, looking good and feeling great about yourself can be just some of the many benefits of following a healthier lifestyle. Always remember to consult with a professional before starting any exercise or nutrition program to ensure that you follow the best nutrition and exercise program for you.