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Top 3 Stones To Keep Your Vibes High



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In our day to day life we encounter situations, people, and things that brings our vibe down. Our own personal energy fields get bombarded with outside energy all the time, and many times we are not aware of the toll on our personal vibration.

When it comes down to the physics of it all we are all energy masses emitting a vibrational frequency. Computers, cellphones, and yes stones emit a vibration just like people, only rocks and crystals emit negative ions. But not to worry, negative ions are the kind of energy that restores us and make us feel good.

Having crystals and stones around your home and office, or even in your pocket can help to balance out the energetic overload from technology and other environmental effects. Stones have been known through time to protect our own personal energy field.

Here are the top 3 stones to keep your vibes high or at your most optimal level and they all happen to be a variety of quartz crystals.


1. Rose Quartz brings in love

Rose Quartz is the stone for love and does not allow for negative vibes to touch you as long as you have this stone around. Rose quartz has a tendency to naturally diffuse any negative energy around you.

It also allows you to feel more love and return more love. Well we are all familiar with the sayings “love makes the world go round’, “love can solve any problem”, “love conquers all”and ”love is the key”. These sayings clearly speak to the vibe of a rose quartz. This stone is great to have in your pocket, office or home and makes you feel like you have a Love bug with you.


2. Smoky Quartz protection from negativity

Smoky Quartz is a protective stone to have around you. Smoky Quartz takes the negative energy through the stone and sends through the earth and in effect is a very grounding stone to have. It offers protection from many types of negativity in the environment. These stones will absorb an enormous amount of negativity from many different sources.


3. Amethyst travelers protection

Amethyst taps into our love energy to unlock our passion and creativity, it is known to eliminate impatience and facilitate focus. Amethyst has a deep rich color and was believed by ancient Greeks to ward off drunkenness and protect travelers as a stone created by Dionysius.

Amethyst definitely is a stone to protect you for negativity while allowing to tap into your creative mind. It’s such a gorgeous stone to have in your home or to hold during meditation.


Next time you have a stone or crystal by you take notice and see how it makes you feel. Place a stone on your desk and see if it dispels negative situations at work. Wear a stone and see if you are able to keep your vibes a little bit higher.

Take a moment to be aware and make sure your personal energy field is protected. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works. I would love to hear your personal experiences on using stones to keep your vibe high.