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30 Ways To A Happier More Positive You!

Damien Thomas



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Do you ever feel like you would really love to feel happier and be more positive? Do you ever notice that some people just seem to radiate happiness and positivity?

I want you to know that feeling happy and being more positive are by no means elusive or unattainable. I am on the constant quest to be happier and more positive on a daily basis.

Being happy and more positive can sometimes feel like a losing battle and a huge struggle when we are fed so much bad news through the media, or we listen to negative gossip about our friends or our co-workers.

It can be very easy to get into the habit of being negative and cynical and having a relatively negative mindset. Most of the time many of us do not even notice that we are unhappy, we just go through the motions each day without giving our thoughts or our actions much consideration.

To change things as they are we must first make a conscious decision and make the effort to be more happier and positive.

I called this website Your Positive Oasis for a reason, I sincerely want you to come here more often and feel inspired by a collection of quotes, get motivated by an uplifting article and have a little fun by trying one of the fun quizzes that I share.

I have put together for you this list of 30 ways to become happier and more positive about yourself and the world around you.


30 Ways To A Happier More Positive You!

Dream Big.

Believe in Yourself.

Love Yourself.

Respect Others.


Eat Well.

Get Enough Sleep.

Wake Up Energised.


Choose To Be Happy.

Let Go Of Grudges.

Make The Most Of Now.

Smile More. 🙂

Follow Your Dreams.

Look On The Brightside.

Be Grateful.

Read More.

Use A Journal.

Surround Yourself With Happy People.

Laugh More.

Show Kindness To Others.

Listen To Your Favorite Music.

Make The Most Of Now.

Go For A Walk.

Switch Off Your Phone.

Write A Letter To A Friend.

Be A Good Friend.

Practice Mindfulness.

Be Kind.

Encourage Others.


I would love for you to take positive action and follow the habits that I have listed above, and decide today to become a happier more positive you. You deserve it.