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20 Inspirational Gregg Braden Quotes

Damien Thomas



Gregg Braden Quotes

Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author. He has written books focusing on the links between science, spirituality and human potential.

Gregg Braden has written and spoke on how human emotions affect DNA and the collective power that prayer has on healing our body and the world around us.

Gregg Braden is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He has also featured on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ABC and NBC.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this great collection of Gregg Braden quotes.


Gregg Braden Quotes

1. “We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles.” – Gregg Braden


2. “To create reality, focus beyond the outcome, as if it has already happened.” – Gregg Braden


3. “There can only be one solution to any problem: a change in attitude and in consciousness.” – Gregg Braden


4. “The prime rule of reality is that we must become in our lives what we choose to experience in the world.” – Gregg Braden


5. “The way we think about ourselves will give rise to the world we live in.” – Gregg Braden


6. “All it takes is one person in any generation to heal a family’s limiting beliefs.” – Gregg Braden


7. “We live in a world where everything is connected.” – Gregg Braden


8. “Beliefs can change energy flow and events in the universe.” – Gregg Braden


9. “We live in a world where everything is connected. We cannot longer think in terms of us and them when it comes to the consequences of the way we live. Today it’s all about WE.” – Gregg Braden


Inspirational Gregg Braden Quotes

10. “The opportunity to be imprisoned or free is ours, and we’re the only ones who can make the choice.” – Gregg Braden


11. “The world around us is nothing more and nothing less than a mirror of what we have become from within.” – Gregg Braden


12. “The key to our transformation is simply this: the better we know ourselves the better equipped we will be to make our choices wisely.” – Gregg Braden


13. “Quantum science suggests the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives. Each future lies in a state of rest until it is awakened by choices made in the present.” – Gregg Braden


14. “We have all the power we need to create all the changes we choose!” – Gregg Braden


15. “The object of our attention becomes the reality of our world.” – Gregg Braden


16. “In a malleable world where everything from atoms to cells is changing to match our beliefs, we’re limited only by the way we think of ourselves in that world.” – Gregg Braden


17. “The subconscious is larger and faster than conscious mind.” – Gregg Braden


18. “Find something to be happy about every day, and every hour if possible, moment-to-moment, even if only for a few minutes.” – Gregg Braden


19. “In the instant of our first breath, we are infused with the single greatest force in the universe – the power to translate the possibilities of our minds into the reality of our world.” – Gregg Braden


20. “Feel as though your goal is accomplished and your prayer is already answered.” – Gregg Braden


These Gregg Braden Quotes remind us of the incredible power that lies within each of us to shape our lives and transform our world. His quotes have encourage us to challenge our limiting beliefs and to tap into the boundless potential of our hearts and minds.

As we carry the wisdom of these Gregg Braden quotes with us, let us be inspired to live with greater compassion, awareness, and intentionality. May Gregg Braden’s profound teachings continue to guide us all on a journey of self-discovery, as we strive to create a future filled with love, harmony, and endless possibilities.