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7 Amazing Reasons Every House Should Have A Salt Lamp



What are Himalayan Salt lamps?

What can be easily mistaken for a beautiful glowing ornament in more and more houses these days are in fact Himalayan salt lamps. These lamps are made from large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt with a small bulb or candle placed inside. They are usually sold as solid pieces of salt or decorative baskets filled with large crystals of salt. But these are no ordinary lamp.

Salt lamps are natural ion generators, emitting negative ions into the atmosphere. Negative ions can be used to treat illness and improve health. If you take a look around your house or office, you will see that you are surrounded by computers, televisions, microwaves, cellular phones and florescent lights. These appliances are known to have a negative effect on our mood, our energy and our overall well being. By keeping a salt lamp in these areas where positive ions are polluting your air space they will help neutralize and improve the air that you are breathing. The salt is hygroscopic which means that it attracts the water molecules in the air that carry toxins. The amount of negative ions that a salt lamp will emit depends on its size, and also how warm the candle or electric light bulb makes it. To get the full benefits of a salt lamp it is very important to make sure that the lamp is from a pure Himalayan Crystal source and not a cheap imitation made from rock salt.

So what are the 7 amazing reasons for owning a salt lamp?

1. They Purify The Air.

Himalayan salt lamps are wonderful at purifying the air around you that you breath. We know that most of the air around us is polluted by electromagnetic household appliances, cigarette smoke, dust particles, bacteria and viruses. By purifying the air around you, the lamp can help reduce snoring, allergy and asthma symptoms.

2. Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation.

Computers, televisions, microwaves, air conditioners, cell phones and other appliances all emit electromagnetic radiation/pollution. The closer you are to the salt lamp the more effective that the results will be. Get into the habit of switching off any electric appliance that you are not using, and do not put it in standby mode.

3. Soothing Color Therapy.

The beautiful orange glow that comes from a Himalayan salt lamp can be beneficial for relieving stress. It has also been reported that improved energy and a more positive mood was achieved after using a salt lamp.

4. Sleep Better At Night.

The soft glowing light from a Himalayan lamp is ideal to look at and relax to just before bedtime. If you are having trouble sleeping, the soft soothing glow can help you switch off, relax and help you fall asleep.

5. Increased Energy Levels.

Do you know that invigorating feeling that you get when you are in the countryside, at the beach, or out in the fresh air? This is partly due to your exposure to negative ions. The same ions that are emitted by salt lamps. If you are constantly feeling tired or lethargic, try using a Himalayan lamp for a few weeks and watch your energy levels increase dramatically.

6. They Can Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

The gentle sun like glow that is emitted from a Himalayan salt lamp can be enough to relieve the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Salt lamps are the perfect solution to help you when the mornings are dark and the days get shorter.

7. Improved Concentration.

As well as improving the air around us that we breath, improving our mood, and our energy levels, another benefit of having a Himalayan salt lamp is improved concentration. This is due to the effect that negative ions have on your body; they help improve blood and oxygen supply to your brain, which in turn will help you feel more alert and focused.

Smaller lamps are good for the average bedroom, while larger lamps are more effective for spaces like the living room or den.

I have listed 7 great benefits of owning a Himalayan salt lamp but do not take my word for it. Do your own research first, ask someone who is using a salt lamp in their home and find out what benefits they got from using one, and make up your own mind.

If you found this article interesting please share it so other people can find out more about Himalayan Salt lamps and how they can benefit from them.


6 Reasons Why You Should Create A Bucket List



Reasons Why You Should Create A Bucket List

The term ‘bucket list’ has become quite popular in recent years. It has been used in pop culture references and as a casual topic of conversation when someone wants to do something. Chances are, you have heard someone say, “Oh, that’s on my bucket list!” But, a bucket list is more than just a fantasy, an out of reach dream or an excuse to say that you want to do many things, only to never follow through on them.

There are actually many benefits to creating a bucket list, if you just put in the time, the thought and the dedication into it. Making a bucket list is a perfect way to set your life goals and to stay focused on making them a reality. Still not 100% convinced? Let’s take a look at six reasons why you really should create a bucket list. Maybe, by the end of this article, you will be ready to put together one of your very own.

1. It Gives You a Purpose

While putting together a bucket list won’t tell you what the meaning of your life is, it can help to give you a purpose to your life. A bucket list should be more about the major goals that you have for yourself, rather than a bunch of fun little things that you might want to do. A bucket list gives you something to get out of life and allows you to stay focused while you are doing it.

Have you ever been bored, wondering what you’re going to do this weekend to fill up your free time? A bucket list can give you that answer, encouraging you to always work towards the things that you truly want to do and experience in life.

2. It Brings Your Goals to Life

As stated above, a bucket list should be about exciting goals that you have for yourself. But, it is also an opportunity to hone in on those goals. Many people have ambitions and even make goals or resolutions for themselves each year only to be forgotten a few days later. But, when you have a specific list of goals written down, it can help to make you more motivated and focused to achieve them.

Goals are incredibly important to have, and the fact that your bucket list can make those goals clearer and more tangible is really important.

3. You Will Create Lasting Memories

Memories are one of life’s greatest treasures. As you start to accomplish the things on your bucket list, you will also be making wonderful memories each time. Since you are doing the things you really want to do, those memories will bring you comfort, a sense of achievement and give you something positive to look back on and share with others.

Bucket list Create Lasting Memories

4. It Will Pull You Forward

Have you ever been in a “funk” in life, or maybe you have had bouts of feeling down or depressed that have kept you from doing the things you typically enjoy? No one wants to stay in that kind of mindset for long. Because a bucket list can help to give you a sense of purpose, it can also give you the motivation to pull yourself out of a funk. It can call you to do something new, something different, or something that even challenges you. Sometimes, that’s all a person needs to be pulled out of a tired or depressed state.

Additionally, doing something on your bucket list will help to distract you for a while. That can be a great solution for someone who has anxiety or tends to focus too much on the negative things in life. Sometimes, a distraction can be a welcomed reprieve.

5. You Will Experience Life-Long Learning

When you commit yourself to having new experiences, you are also committing yourself to learning something new. So many people think that learning stops when you finish school, but you can learn so much more simply by living and trying more new things throughout your life. People who embrace this type of lifestyle are called “lifelong learners”. The reality is this; you will never be able to learn everything there is to know. But, because all of us have such a short time on this planet to figure things out, the more experiences we participate in, the more that we will learn and grow. Not only can a bucket list help you to learn things about different cultures, skills, situations, people and personalities.

It can also help you to learn more about yourself. Closing your mind off to the idea of lifelong learning will cause you to become stagnant with your thoughts and your growth. As a human being, you should have a desire to continue to grow and achieve as much as you possibly can throughout your life. Working through your bucket list can help you to achieve that.

Bucket List For Life long Learning

6. You Will Never Run Out of Things to Do

If you sit down to make a bucket list, you might write down anywhere from 10-100 things that you really want to do. But, it doesn’t have to stop there. Chances are, as you start to work through some of the things on your list, you will come up with more ideas.

Experiencing new things, and even challenging things, is a great way to get inspired and motivated to continue on that trend. A bucket list can truly be never-ending as you come up with more exciting new ideas and goals for yourself.

Building Your Bucket List and Bettering Your Life

There are so many additional reasons why you should create a bucket list for yourself. Remember, a bucket list is a very personal thing, and the experiences you put on the list should be things that you truly want to do or accomplish. Don’t make them  so unrealistic that you will never plan on committing to. Instead, promise yourself that you will immerse yourself in those experiences.

A bucket list might be something you create to accomplish things before you pass on, but in creating one and diving into new experiences, there is a good chance you will feel more alive than ever!

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