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Self Care: Coffee Face Mask

Damien Thomas



coffee face mask

Do you ever look in the mirror and see nothing but bags under your eyes, a tired complexion and perhaps some wrinkles? I am a regular user of a face moisturizer every morning and before I go to bed at night to add some temporary softness to my skin, but I have recently started using a Coffee face mask to help tighten my skin and add more life and color to my complexion.

I usually write articles about self-improvement and motivation, but I believe that there are so many levels of self-improvement. One of which is ‘self care’. Drinking enough water, exercise and a balanced diet and many other factors make up self care. I have found that if I wake up in the morning looking tired, it can have a negative effect on my mood and energy levels for the rest of the day. However, if I wake up looking fresh and full of vitality, I feel more positive, confident and full of energy. Using a coffee face mask is also a wonderful way to give yourself a well deserved treat at the end of a long day. Try using the following coffee face mask for a few days and see how it will make you look and feel.

Coffee Face Mask

This is a simple, fast and effective face mask. I will give substitution ingredients for different skin types below.

What You Need:
1/2 Cup ground coffee beans (you can grind your own or buy pre-ground)1 Tbsp of honey (for acne prone or oily skin use additional lemon juice here instead of honey)
1/2 Cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 Cup of unsweetened whole milk (if you are not a dairy person, substitute for almond milk)
1 Tbsp of lemon juice (for dry skin, try olive oil or almond oil)
A Bowl

Benefits of the Ingredients:

Coffee Beans Reduce inflammation, redness and the appearance of under eye circles. Coffee also acts as an exfoliator, removing dead skin and literally “wakes up” a tired complexion.

Honey – Full of antioxidants, it is great for slowing down the aging process. Honey is also extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a glow and give your complexion a boost.

Cocoa Powder – cocoa powder helps repair skin cells! That’s because it is packed with antioxidants that fight off free radicals. Cocoa can also improve your skin complexion, making it brighter and clearer! The flavonoids in it nourish the skin, boost its elasticity and help reduce blemishes that make skin dull.

Milk – Milk contains antimicrobial properties, so it makes a great cleanser for the skin. The lactic acid in milk is an alpha-hydroxy acid that naturally eats away dead skin cells. Amino acids contained in milk will also help to keep your skin hydrated.

Lemon Juice – Acts as an exfoliant. Contains natural vitamin C to help lighten, tighten and brighten your skin.

In the bowl, mix the finely ground coffee beans with the cocoa powder. Add in the milk, and stir until it creates a paste. For a thicker paste, simply use less milk. Then add both a tablespoon of lemon juice and honey. Apply the face mask to your skin and leave to dry (up to 20 minutes). Wash off face mask and store any leftovers in the fridge for up to 3 days

Extra Boost: Use a Jade Roller


jade roller


For an extra boost to your skin, I highly recommend using a Jade roller.

This wonderful little tool will help to increase circulation in your skin, reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. The Jade Roller will also stimulate collagen and improve elasticity in your skin. Regularly using a Jade roller will also flush toxins from your body and promote lymphatic drainage.

Before you start rolling, make sure your skin is well cleansed and apply some hydrating serum

1. Start under the jawline and roll downwards.

2. Once you have completed your neck, roll from your jawline up towards your ear.

3. Next, from the middle of your chin make broad strokes with the roller out towards your ear, where the lymph drains from your face.

4. Continue with the broad strokes and gradually move up your face, under your nose and then from your nose out to your ear using the small end of the roller to get the more sensitive skin under your eyes and eyebrows.

5. Finish by rolling from the middle of your forehead out towards the temples.

Bonus Tips

  • Store your jade roller in the fridge or freezer before using.
  • Repeat each stroke three times.
  • Always roll upwards & outwards, never back & forth.
  • Using a Jade roller is a wonderful morning ritual to wake up tired eyes and energize your skin.

I hope that this week, you take the time to treat yourself with a nice face mask, or that you make the small investment in a wonderful Jade roller.
You deserve it!