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What Color is Your Aura?

Damien Thomas




Auras come in all colors and they often reveal or thoughts, feelings, dreams, and even the kind of influence others can have over you. Your aura is constantly changing. When you feel awesome, your aura flares! When you feel a little down in the dumps, your aura may fade and change to sadder colors.

Each color of aura means something different. For example, if you have a yellow aura, you are generally more optimistic and playful. You are spiritually inspired and you love to learn new things.

People with red auras can be positive or negative depending on the particular circumstance. You can have a red aura as a result of love and passion. You can also get a red aura from lying or being deceitful.

People with green auras tend to be healers and lovers of nature. You enjoy helping people learn about their inner self and you find it easy to express yourself.

A black aura might indicate that you are holding onto negativity and you are unwilling to grow and expand your spirit. This is a rare aura to have.

So what color is your aura? I got blue. Take the quiz and find out!

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