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Pick A Door To Your Future

Damien Thomas



choose a door future


Take a few seconds to look at the six images above. Then look past each doorway to the pathway on the other side. Pick the doorway that you naturally feel attracted to the most. The path you choose can often tell a lot about the type of person that you are.

I found this really very accurate.

If you chose number 1, your path is freeing. You are the type of person who needs a lot of space. You like having the freedom to do things your own way, you prefer to follow a path that you have carved yourself, especially one with infinite and exciting possibilities. You don’t like to feel constrained and you are highly independent, sometimes even a bit of a rebel, but you dislike confrontation. You do not like being rushed, and you prefer to take the time enjoy life and enjoying every moment.


If you chose number 2, your path is private. You are the kind of person who prefers to travel by yourself. You like to observe, think, and sort out whatever is in your head. You are a deep thinker.  You are very original, thoughtful and insightful. You look at the world in a unique way, and many others benefit from your point of view. You enjoy your own company, but you connect well with people when you take the time. You are very understanding and considerate.


If you chose number 3, your path is colorful. You are a very engaging person. You love to be part of the world and everyone around you… you like to experience it all. Your ideal path is filled with colour, excitement and beauty. For you, it’s more about the exciting journey than the destination. You are naturally curious and you feel excited to learn more. You love having interesting conversations, and you ask lots of questions. You are clever and funny.


If you chose number 4, your path is exciting! You are always moving forward in your journey of life, often into the unknown. You just go for it and deal with the consequences later. Your ideal path is unpredictable and sometimes a little scary. You are drawn to the unknown. You have been known to sometimes act without thinking, but it usually all works out for you in the end. You are very spontaneous and somewhat of thrill seeker. You are going to make the very most of the time that you’ve been given on this planet!


If you chose number 5, your path is welcoming. You are a peace-seeking low maintenance person. You are very content with life, and you don’t like to be bothered. Your ideal path is clear cut and enjoyable. You want to enjoy your trip and to know exactly what you are getting into. You will often take the easy path whenever possible. Life is hard enough, and you never like to make it harder on yourself, you are very stable and supportive to everyone around you.


If you chose number 6, your path is quiet. You value solitude in all aspects of your life. You can spend large periods of time alone without feeling lonely. Your ideal path is one that is very still and quiet. You like to absorb everything around you without feeling overwhelmed. You seek constant meaning in every aspect of your life. You live your life very deliberately, both in your actions and in your thoughts. You don’t like crowds, but you do enjoy and like people. You place a high value on authentic relationships, and you prefer one on one interaction with people.


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