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8 Tips For Wellness In The Workplace



8 Tips For Wellness In The Workplace


Many of us spend 40 hours a week and in some cases even longer at our job. Most of us actually spend the majority of our waking hours either thinking about our job or actually in our job itself. Do you ever wish away the days until your next day off or until your next vacation? Or do you ever feel trapped in your job because of debt or other financial commitments? Do you ever dread the thoughts of another day ahead where you work?

Work related stress is becoming more and more prevalent. We hear more and more of stories of stress related sickness in the workplace and people being generally unhappy about where they work. Over the years I have learned some hard, yet eye opening lessons about work that have totally changed my life for the better. I am delighted to say that I now actually look forward to go to work each day, instead of thinking about what drama and stress the day ahead would bring. I now feel more positive and energized after a days work, instead of feeling exhausted both mentally and physically. I am going to share with you 8 simple work related wellness tips that have helped me and I am sure they will help you too. 

1. Do A Job That You Enjoy

If you have ever worked in a job that you didn’t enjoy doing, you will see why this is my first tip. I have worked in a few careers over the years. Everything from the fitness industry, bar work, retail to office jobs. I have never regretted any job that I did, as they all paid the bills. Some of them I just wish I had left sooner than I did. Some of the places where I worked, I really enjoyed and it was a pleasure going into work each day. Others made me feel stressed and filled me with dread each day. Make a conscious effort to find out what you would like or love doing and do it! Working doing what you love will not only be good for your health, you will be more productive and you will enjoy doing what you love. The opposite is what can happen if you work at a job that you hate. You will be less productive, you might feel exhausted all of the time and you may even suffer from stress and even anxiety the longer that you stay there. Write down your strengths, your skills, and also what are your dream jobs. Then do some research and find a job that matches your list.

2. Visualize and Plan Your Day

Every morning as a part of my morning routine I use a journal. I use the Five Minute Journal to prompt me what to write each day. As well as reading over my short, medium and long term goals. I write down what I am grateful for, as well as what would make today great. I finish off by writing down a positive affirmation. By writing down what would make today great both at home and in work, helps me to plan and visualize the day ahead. It also helps to put me in a positive frame of mind for the day.

8 Tips For Wellness In The Workplace

3. Get More Active

There are so many benefits from being more active and getting more exercise. I like to walk in the local park in the evenings where I am surrounded by swans, ducks and rabbits. It really is a breath of fresh air. I use my walk to go over the day I had in my head, I also use this time to think about my goals, get my heart rate going and my muscles working. I also like to exercise using some weights at home, coupled with some stretches, I now feel stronger and more flexible than ever before. The fact that serotonin is also released in the brain when we exercise is another way to lift your mood and help you to feel better about yourself. I have found that since I started exercising I now have more energy and I feel more alert in work.

4. Eat A Healthy Diet

You are what you eat.‘ If this is true, then it is safe to say that we should take extra care to what we are eating every day. If you want to have more energy, start looking and feeling better, then start eating a better diet. Start each day by not skipping breakfast. Plan and prepare your lunches the night before. Cut out the fast food, fizzy drinks and sweets. All of which can effect your health and your mood. By having a good breakfast followed by a healthy lunch you will have enough energy to get through your working day without suffering from the usual mid-day slump. Also, by eating a healthy diet you will have more energy to preform at a higher level in work and later on when you exercise at home.

5. Ignore The Office Gossip

The same goes to anyone in work who is negative and brings you or others down. These people are energy vampires and they will leave you feeling tired and sometimes exhausted. I always think, if they are gossiping to you, well they are probably gossiping about you! The office gossip will usually hang around the same places, the water cooler, the smoking area, canteen etc. Think about where they gossip and avoid these areas as much as possible. Instead, surround yourself by people who are more positive and leave you feeling good about yourself after speaking with them.

6. Learn, Grow and Improve

If we are not learning new skills and constantly growing we may fall into the feeling of being stuck in a rut and being stagnant. Jump to the chance to do any training offered by your employer. Do an evening course, or constantly research changes in your industry that will keep you up to date and ahead of others. This enthusiasm will not only educate you, but this initiative may help you when it come to the next promotion that comes around.

7. Don’t Work 7 Days A Week

We are in a time when many of us are connected to our jobs 24/7. Most of us have work email set up on our smart phones, so that we are now getting notifications before and long after we finish our shift. A relatively new occurrence is the arrival of the GroupChat. Sure, a group chat can have its benefits, but they also keep you connected to your job, 7 days a week. Work emails, work SMS and GroupChats have become so much the norm that we don’t realize the effect and power that they can have. Try to get into the positive habit of putting your phone away in work and also when you get home. Or, at the least turn off your emails and GroupChats outside of working hours.

8. Learn To Meditate

I cannot recommend highly enough the positive effects that meditation can have. I love to use my Tibetan singing bowl each morning to help to clear my mind and help me to feel relaxed. I don’t know why, but lately I use my singing bowl just before I exercise to help me clear my mind and get me in the zone. You can search online and find some wonderful meditations, or use the free App called Insight Timer to listen to a guided meditation. If you ever feel stressed or suffer from anxiety, practicing meditation should help. After a while when you learn to meditate by yourself, you can take a few minutes on your lunch to meditate, focus on your breath and help you to feel more relaxed.

I really hope that you will start some of the tips above that I have shared with you. Perhaps start by buying healthy foods for the week ahead when you go grocery shopping in the next few days, or download the free Insight Timer App to help you to meditate. And perhaps make an effort to use your smartphone less at work and in the evenings. Alternatively, you might dust off your trainers tomorrow and go for a nice walk, or make the life changing investment in yourself and get a Five Minute Journal. The trick is to take action. Don’t put it off any longer, don’t make excuses. The time will never be just right. Your health and wellness depends on it.



50 Thought Provoking Existential Questions



50 Thought Provoking Existential Questions

What are existential questions?

Existential questions are usually deep, philosophical questions that question just that — our very existence.

They can be great conversation starters and they can also sometimes make for a passionate discussion. The following existential questions can be a great way to get to know someone better and perhaps even learn new things about yourself.

The word existential comes from the Latin word “existentia”, which means to exist. Existential questions challenge our way of thinking, our beliefs and our perspective.

Is there a right or wrong answer to an existential question? Perhaps not, as each question usually just asks more questions.

I have put together the following list of thought provoking existential questions so that you can perhaps start an internal conversation with yourself or start an interesting debate with your friends.

50 Thought Provoking Existential Questions


1. Are there limits to human creativity?

2. What makes something beautiful?

3. How do we know if we’re doing the right thing?

4. Who am I?

5. What is one thing that every human should get to experience in their life?

6. Do you believe in a power greater than humanity?

7. Are we given enough time?

8. Is privacy a right?

9. What is the best way for a person to attain happiness?

10. Are we alone in the universe?

11. What is love?

12. How would you define genius?

13. What do you think your purpose is?

14. If babies are considered innocent, when do people cease to be innocent?

15. Is it better to expand your knowledge or to deepen it?

16. Why do you think we are here?

17. How important is ‘play’ in living a healthy and fulfilling life?

18. Do you have a right to be happy, or should you earn it?

19. What happens when I die?

20. What worries me the most about the future?

21. What is a person? Is it the mind, or the body?

22. Would the world be a better place if all leaders were women? If you answered yes, why?

23. What activity have I done that has made me feel the most alive?

24. Does truth exist without evidence?

25. If I had to instill one piece of advice in a newborn baby’s mind, what advice would I give?

26. Does a person have a soul? If so, where is it?

27. Is intelligence or wisdom more useful?

28. Is it more important to love or be loved?

29. What would make the world a better place?

30. How should we measure our lives? In years? In moments? In accomplishments? Something else?

31. What is the difference between living and simply existing?

32. If you died today, would you be satisfied with the life you’ve lived?

33. What advice would you tell your younger self?

34. Which is worse: failing or never trying?

35. Is a minimum wage a good idea? What about a maximum wage?

36. What is the most important goal every person should have?

37. Can anything ever really be considered ‘true’ or is everything subjective?

38. Is the world a better place with humans in it?

39. If extra-terrestrial life was discovered, how do you think humanity would react?

40. Is happiness just a mixture of chemicals circulating through our bodies?

41. Where do you think we go when we die?

42. Have I done anything lately worth remembering?

43. Can you ever have full control over your own life?

44. How do you know that you are not dreaming right now?

45. Is one lifetime enough?

46. What matters most in my life?

47. Is a person ever truly evil? If so, are they born that way?

48. What is the meaning of life?

49. Is humanity going in the right or wrong direction?

50. What does it mean to live a good life?

I hope that you enjoyed these thought provoking existential questions. I hope that they perhaps made you think about your beliefs, yourself and the world around you (the bigger picture). If you discuss these questions with a friend, remember, there is probably no right and wrong answers, usually just a matter of opinion.

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